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Avoid ghutkha, prevent cancer: Expert

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

By 2020, according to a World Health Organization (WHO) estimate, every home will have a cancer patient, but are we conscious enough to take preventive measures?

The question is “Are we able to reduce the statistics which is the main cause to the deadly disease cancer?”

To address this issue, Dr. Vikash K Agarwal, an eminent oncosurgeon, Chairman, Global Cancer Trust and Ex. Surgeon TATA Memorial Hospital organized a Cancer Awareness Programme on World Cancer Day in association with Heritage Institute of Technology today at The Heritage campus.

“At an early stage, if cancer is detected it is curable but are we conscious about the deadly disease cancer and taking steps to prevent it,” said Dr. Agarwal.

He said that majority of the youth nowadays consuming tobacco due to peer pressures rather than stress and anxiety. “60% of the profits are earned by selling a pouch of ghutkha, which is really deadly,” said Dr. Agarwal.

He said “we are not aware about our bodies and the bad impact of consuming tobacco for which our country is more prone to cancer.”


7 tips for diet success

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

You need more than planning and organisation to win the weight-loss battle.

Nutritionist Susie Burrell”s new book, The Monday to Friday Diet, is offering practical tips on how to plan your week and make your diet work for you.

Each day is allocated a chapter that”s loaded with tips, menus and planning ideas to make your objectives clear, according to

Looking at the week gives you structure and gives you control of your working week and your food, said Burrell.

Prepare for the week ahead by making a meal plan and doing your shopping for the week. Buy enough for lunch and dinner and healthy snacks for the next five days, she suggested.

Cook at least two meals from your plan and freeze them on Sunday, she added.

“I call them sacred Sundays. Use this day to reset and nourish yourself and that way you will find the week doesn”t pile up on you and you are more rested and in control. This prevents you from running on empty,” she explained.


Family history key to heart health

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Family history is one of the strongest predictors of heart disease, according to an expert.

“If you look at how heart disease occurs, about 80 percent takes place in people with a strong family history,” said University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Department of Epidemiology Professor and Chair Donna Arnett.

Arnett, who is serving as the president of the American Heart Association (AHA), said this message goes hand in hand with following the AHA’s “Life’s Simple 7”: getting active, controlling cholesterol, eating better, managing blood pressure, losing weight, reducing blood sugar and quitting smoking.

“Though we know those seven major factors, we still don’t completely know all of the causes of heart disease. But with a family history, even in the absence of those risk factors, heart disease is still possible. It’s important to know family history,” Arnett said.


Ayurveda Q&A: Detoxification therapy cures fungal infection

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Dr Gowthaman, Medical Director, Dr Gowthaman’s Ayurveda Panchakarma Center, Chennai, answers readers’ questions on Ayurveda. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Tuesday.

This week’s answers:

I am 38 and is in good health. But have slightly high blood pressure., 8 weeks ago, I had pain from lower back all the way to toe on the left side (left hip area, left thigh and left calf).
Looks like the pain is because of the nerve pinch. There is no swollen or color change. I took some alopathy medicines like pain killers and muscle relaxant which has helped a lot but not 100%.
While walking I used to feel pain in thigh, calf and nerve between thigh and calf and most of the time I feel pain on the back of the thigh till few days back but now better.
3 to 4 weeks before this pain started I also had back pain, that may be due to some heavy lifting I had done. I work as a computer professional, my job is to sit in front of the computer 9 hrs a day and I try to walk after every 20 – 30 mins. When I’m lying face down, I feel bit better. Left leg pains when I try to stretch (bend forward and touch my toes).
Kindly advice what medicine to cure the pinching pain in future. If you need any more information, please let me know.
Thank you, Suresh Kumar


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