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One of the key therapies in wellness is detox

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Wellness has become a cult these days. Some of us have experienced it, some of us have been given an idea about what it is and most of us have been given all the wrong ideas about what wellness is. Suddenly everything that everyone offers is being branded as wellness and credibility is at stake for a genuinely wonderful area of medicine. Being an allopathic physician who then went on to practice wellness after quite a few years of training, I will attempt to introduce wellness into your life.

To put it in simple words, wellness is the state that we should all aim to be in. Discomfort is the state in which most of us are in. We fall ill and go to the doctor who cures our illness and puts us back into the state of discomfort and we move on. Wellness is the jump from discomfort to comfort where your nagging issues like weight, energy levels, mental well being, sleep, bowel habits, stamina and sexual life are all in harmony. When all of this is in harmony, you experience wellness. Not one or two of them, but all of them in harmony is the key to wellness.


New Sars-like deadly virus can spread between people

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Health officials in the UK have said that a new respiratory illness similar to the deadly Sars virus can spread from person to person.

One man in the UK is thought to have caught the infection from his father, but officials say the threat to the whole population remains very low.

There have been 11 confirmed cases of the infection around the world and five patients have died. It causes pneumonia and sometimes kidney failure, the BBC reported.

The new patient, who is being treated in intensive care at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, is the third case identified in the UK. The first was a patient flown in from Qatar for treatment. The second was linked to travel to the Middle East and Pakistan.

The virus is then thought to have spread from the second patient to his son, but there have been no signs of the virus spreading to staff at the hospital.

Person to person transmission was suggested in earlier cases in the Middle East, but this was not confirmed.

“Confirmed novel coronavirus infection in a person without travel history to the Middle East suggests that person-to-person transmission has occurred, and that it occurred in the UK,” said Prof John Watson, head of the respiratory diseases department at the Health Protection Agency (HPA).


Romantic couples’ hearts beat in sync

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Couples are known to often share the same interests, finish each other sentences and laugh at the same jokes, but a new study has claimed that their hearts could also be beating at the same rhythm.

The team from the University of California, Davis, discovered this while they were studying the physical effects of being in a relationship.

Study leader Professor Emilio Ferrer, said that her team had seen a lot of research that one person in a relationship could experience what the other person is experiencing emotionally, but their study showed that they also shared experiences at a physiological level, the Daily Mail reported.

Her team conducted a series of experiments on 32 straight couples, who were connected to heart rate and respiration monitors.


Tomato juice helps body recover quicker than energy drinks after workout

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

Tomato juice could be better than energy drinks at helping the body rejuvenate after exercise, a new study has claimed.

Experts said that tomatoes provide vital chemicals to help muscles recover and blood levels return to normal after being stretched and strained, the Daily Mail reported.

Experts from a number of health institutions in Greece conducted tests on 15 athletes over a period of two months, looking at vital signs before, during and after exercise.

Nine of the athletes drank tomato juice after exercise and six consumed their regular fizzy energy drink.

Those drinking tomato juice had quicker levels of muscle recovery and their glucose levels returned to normal faster after strenuous exercise.

Tomatoes contain a compound called lycopene, which principally give them their deep-red colour.


Learning music at early age boosts brain development among kids

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

If you started piano lessons in grade one, or played the recorder in kindergarten, thank your parents and teachers, as researchers have claimed that music lessons before age seven has a significant effect on the development of the brain.

They said that the younger you started music lessons, the stronger the connections in your brain.

A study suggests that those who began early had stronger connections between motor regions – the parts of the brain that help you plan and carry out movements.

This research was carried out by students in the laboratory of Concordia University psychology professor Virginia Penhune, and in collaboration with Robert J. Zatorre, a researcher at the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital at McGill University.

The study provides strong evidence that the years between ages six and eight are a “sensitive period” when musical training interacts with normal brain development to produce long-lasting changes in motor abilities and brain structure.


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