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Body’s internal clock triggers late-night snacking

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

A recent study has found that the body’s internal clock, the circadian system, increases hunger and cravings for sweet, starchy and salty foods in the evenings.

While the urge to consume more in the evening may have helped our ancestors store energy to survive longer in times of food scarcity, in the current environment of high-calorie food, those late night snacks may result in significant weight gain.

“Of course, there are many factors that affect weight gain, principally diet and exercise, but the time of eating also has an effect. We found with this study that the internal circadian system also likely plays a role in today’s obesity epidemic because it intensifies hunger at night,” said Steven Shea, Ph.D., director for the Center for Research on Occupational and Environmental Toxicology at Oregon Health and Science University and senior author on the study.

“People who eat a lot in the evening, especially high-calorie foods and beverages, are more likely to be overweight or obese,” he stated.


All you need to know about nuts

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

If it’s a healthy heart you want, don’t forget to include nuts in your daily diet.

Read any article about healthy food or losing weight or gaining strength or improving cholesterol or good health in general and you’re bound to come across a reference to nuts. It’s as if nuts have suddenly become the flavour of the season and no one can claim to be a health nut without partaking in a healthy helping of nuts everyday (pardon all the nutty puns)!

Good nut, bad nut

So why this hoopla behind nuts and how do you know which nuts are good for you and which ones aren’t?


Health benefits of massage

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Next in our series on massages, we bring to you the umpteen benefits of this ancient therapy.

Massages to the rescue

Gone are the days when massage was considered a luxury. Over the years, massage therapy has evolved to become a recreation that provides relaxation and rejuvenation.

Massage therapy is an ancient art that has been in use in China and Egypt for healing a variety of ailments. Its benefits are not only limited to treating physical ailments but are also known to soothe the mind.

The revival of this ancient art in recent times establishes its effectiveness in achieving overall wellness.


A case for exercise by Dr. Sonali Sinha

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Often regular exercisers such as yours truly are asked by shall we say…our more sedentary brethren… ‘What is it that makes you wake up at unearthly hours, shift around your schedule just to be able to run, swim, cycle, etc..?’ Most of us would probably answer with a casual shrug… “I don’t know, I just love it I guess”, while the non exerciser shakes his/her head in disbelief and settles comfortably on the couch.

At such junctures the avid exerciser, medical and lifestyle professional and the generally pushy individual in me rises up like the proverbial hydra and I present my CASE FOR EXERCISE.

Setting aside the performance or professional athlete, the three other major
groups of exercisers are -

1) Recreational Athlete or Fitness Enthusiast - The one who exercises for enhancing his/her fitness levels.


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