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Now, perfume that helps you slim down

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

A beauty products company has come out with a perfume, which it claims will help people get slim.

VZ Hair and Glamour says that Diet Slimming Perfume, the slimming booster roll-on perfume is a concentrated perfume made from a blend of seaweed, herbs and essential oils and when it is inhaled it aids in reducing appetite and increasing metabolism; two of the key factors in losing weight.

Vee Koppelman, founder of beauty supplies site, VZ Hair and Glamour said, that Diet Slimming Perfume is a fantastic new product for dieters and those keen to lose a few pounds before baring all on the beach or at a summer wedding.

Users simply roll the weight loss perfume on their wrists or their hands, inhale it five times per day and then marvel as their appetite decreases and their metabolism gets a boost.


Exposure to loud noise can damage hearing

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

An Indian-origin audiologist in the US has warned about the impending dangers to hearing because of loud noise.

Jyoti Bhayani, a certified audiologist at Gottlieb Memorial Hospital, part of Loyola University Health System, said that once hearing is damaged, it cannot be repaired.

Bhayani said that hearing loss because of excessive noise is totally preventable, unlike hearing loss due to old age or a medical condition.

Three small bones in the middle ear help transfer sound vibrations to the inner ear where they become nerve impulses that the brain interprets as sound.

Bhayani explained that when noise is too loud, it begins to kill the hair cells and nerve endings in the inner ear.

Bhayani added the louder a noise, the longer the exposure, and the closer the person is to the noise source, the more damaging it is to their nerve endings, or their hearing.


The reasons behind male sexual problems

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

A good and healthy sexual life goes a long way in keeping you healthy and needless to say, happy. But of late, sexual problems are only increasing by the day. It’s no wonder that every news website you click on, there are dedicated sections on how to lead a sexually happy life and some strange and unproven advice. My teacher used to tell me

that when he started his practice in sexology, people would come to his door step, look around and then sheepishly enter. This is probably one aspect of medicine that has not changed much he says. People are still reluctant to visit a sexologist, but are more open to the topic of sexual health and therefore they resort to less reliable information from the Internet.

In my practice, as a wellness physician, there are a number of times that I pick up a sexual problem as the root cause of certain symptoms and then the patient confirms the same. And in this day and age with so much information available, it is amazing to see how misinformed people are.


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