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Types of milk and their benefits

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

You are never too old to drink milk. Milk is full of vitamins and nutrients. Earlier, there were just two types of milk that we knew of – raw milk and boiled milk. However, with changing times and keeping the health conscious people in mind, markets are being bombarded with different kinds of milk. Today, we will tell you more about the kinds of milk and their benefit in the following paragraphs.

Milk is packed with calcium and phosphorous which is needed for development of bones in children, protein required for muscle repair and nutrients that provide energy. While milk is a must for kids, health conscious folk think twice before gulping down a glass. However, there is the low fat milk/skimmed/toned milk available for the calorie conscious.


Do I need iron in my diet?

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Estimates suggest that almost 1/3rd of the world’s population is anaemic. The disease caused by deficiency of Iron is highly prevalent in Indians due to poor dietary habits and lack of awareness.

It is well known that iron is a vital element that is found in almost all living beings. Iron plays a crucial role in your body’s well being enabling formation of the important haemoglobin and red blood cells. It also helps in the transportation of oxygen from one part of your body to another. Without iron, your liver would stop functioning normally, your immunity would lower and your body’s regular process would be disturbed.


Using umami to eat well

Wednesday, June 26th, 2013

Is there a fifth taste? We are familiar with the four tastes namely, sweet, sour, bitter and salt, but have we heard of Umami?. More than 100 years ago a Japanese professor proposed the existence of a fifth taste and identified it as umami. Yet it took 8 decades later for it to be scientifically accepted by the academic community. Sensory scientists say the closest English term for it would be delicious savouriness or a meaty aftertaste that lingers on the tongue after eating certain foods.Typical umami taste would be that of fish sauce.

The umami taste is due to presence of an amino acid L glutamine and ribonucleotides. The good thing about umami is that it enhances the taste of foods, satisfies the palate even in small amounts and lasts long after such foods have been eaten.

This perhaps can be used to benefit those who are restricting salt or trying to control hunger.

Foods high in umami

Foods that deliver the umami taste are meats, fish, shellfish, cured meat, aged cheese, fermented sauces like fish sauce, miso, anchovy sauce, soybean, carrots, spinach, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes, tomato paste, Chinese cabbage, leeks, asparagus, most sauces, dried seaweed, green tea, truffles, Parmesan cheese, oyster sauce.


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