A-Z reasons to meditate

Today, if you want to be happy and peaceful, meditation is a necessity. Here are A-Z reasons why you should meditate.

Meditation is complete awareness. It can happen every moment but it has to start with eyes closed!

After meditation, you feel a sense of absolute bliss for a long time.

When the mind is calm, meditation happens automatically and when you meditate, the mind calms down automatically.

Meditation brings you closer to the divinity in you.

You need to meditate to touch the core of emptiness. When you experience that space within you, you feel enriched, and can experience the fullness of peace and joy.

When you start meditating, life becomes more fruitful. Suddenly, there is a purpose to life.

With regular practice of meditation, you can stay grounded and keep your cool even in difficult situations.

Meditation is like giving a loving hug to yourself, getting in touch with that awesome part of you.

While meditating, you feel a deep sense of intimacy with God, a love that is inexplicable.

Meditation gives you a joy that lasts for days together.

K – Knowledge
Meditation makes you dive deeper into knowledge, the ultimate truth.

Meditation is experiencing love of a different kind, a different flavor. It is falling in love with the divine.

A must do every day! Do you forget to brush your teeth? Then how can you forget to meditate?

Meditation lets you be absolutely natural – let’s you feel like a child at any age.

Meditation is experiencing a sense of oneness with yourself.

Make meditation a priority in your life and see how everything else falls in place.

Meditation is the quilt that protects you against chilly weather outside, keeping you nice and warm within.

Meditation rejuvenates you to go through the day with enthusiasm.

Meditation keeps you ever smiling, makes your smile unshakeable.

If a tranquil state of mind is all you want, meditation is the only way.

Meditation is like an umbrella sheltering you from the heavy rain of sorrow.

Meditation is victory of the Big Mind (Self) over the Small (human) Mind.

Meditation is like a warm mug of hot chocolate on a chilly morning.

X-Ray Vision
Meditation gives you the ability to look at the core of a situation, just like an X-Ray.

With meditation, you can joyfully bounce through the ups and downs of life, enjoying the roller-coaster ride.

Meditation gives you the zeal to do absolutely anything that creates positivity within and around you.

Source: Art of Living
The Art of Living is launching ‘Meditate India’ a nationwide initiative which aims to improve health, foster peace and happiness through short ‘healthy to learn, easy to practice’ meditations on May 13, 2012. To know more, visit www.artofliving.org/meditateindia

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