Dr Hemant Mittal’s tips to de-stress

Psychiatrist, Dr Hemant Mittal has provided solutions to the behavioural and emotional problems of more than 4500 people through ‘Mind Mantra’, his free online counselling platform.

He also gives motivational talks and workshops at various NGOs, corporate offices, educational institutions, etc. Dr Mittal takes time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ queries. Read the chat transcript here.

How to get confidence in life?
1. be positive. 2. never compare yourself to others. 3. self-belief comes from understanding what are your strong traits and utilising them from your benefit. 4. everyone has special traits, its important to identify them and utilise them for personal development

Tips for office goers to destress
for office goers: 1. having a group of friends with whom to talk out your problems. 2. never indulge in too much office gossip at it can create negative impacts 3. try to maintain a healthy schedule. 4. sleep and appettite should be taken with prime concern 5. if restless is extreme and causing problems of concentration and memory talking to a professional should be considered.

I am on psycatirc medicines since 7 years. However, in a year by May, my confidence level used to be high, but in June it will be at the ebb landing into depression like fear, shaky, non confidence, etc. Kindly suggest ways to overcome this problem.
1. consult your psychiatrist. 2. it might be that the situations around you are extremely stressful 3. and a change in medication might be required. 4. i would suggest that try developing coping skills without use of medications.

Im 20.I had been close wit my senior..I alone started loving.He went 2 abroad 6 mnts back.He knows Im loving him n possesive. he got commited wit my class mate recently.He dint tell til i doubted him.I stopped talking 2 mnts.Made me to hate.
1. one side love is very dangerous as its very high in intensity and if it fails it leads to lot of anger. 2, you have to respect the other persons choice. 3. remember relationships in todays are becoming fluid. 4. in your next relationship remember to have better communication. if you tell your feelings to someone in a proper way, it increases the chance of successful relationship

I tend to have the fear of unknown thing which hauntes me whenever I want to do some thing new? I have very less self confidence? Can you please help me.
1. its important to go into yourself and hunt for positive. 2. when ever exposed to any fearful situation positive memories should help you boost yourself. 3. also having ways of venting out your fears – from writing a diary, meditation, self-hypnosis

Hi doctor.. i am taking the sleep of 5-6 hours since last 10 years. Is there any problem ? Also i dont feel like sleeping befre 2 a.m. daily. is it insomnia
1. sleep pattern varies from person to person. 8hrs sleep is minimum recommendation. but if you are feeling fresh and happy with 6hrs of sleep then there is no problem. 2. if you spent lot of time to fall asleep, its important that you tackle any mental restlessness. exercise, healthy diet and meditation can help you.

i am suffering from depression because i am not getting what i want to in my work even after so much hard work.
1. professional unsatisfaction is a prime reason for feeling sad. 2. you have to understand that along with hard work you have to become street smart. 3. if you are not getting what you want, you have to analyse the reasons and work upon them. from personality to people’s management, skills are required for success in all fields of work

I am suffering from memory loss, its not a short term memory loss but i still remember people, contacts, work etc which i did a year ago but now i forget all such things in a day or two.
your problem is more with concentration than with memory. your concentration on daily events is going down. the reason for this could be nutrition, lack of sleep or excess mental restlessness… you need to focus on treating these.

how to overcome fear of interviews, and unfamiliar environment, and pressure of looking after an elderly member of family?
1. fear is an intense reaction of feeling of failure. 2. its important to be positive, and not over-rationalise about reasons for failure. 3. deep breathing or meditation everyday and before the event helps calms the nerves. and iincrease performance 4. if this has been present for more than 6months consult a psychiatrist in your area. focus on counseling and not medications

I have been suffering from depression and premature ejaculation. What can i do about it?
1. consult a sexologist or psychiatrist in your area 2. premature ejaculation is mostly related to depression. the lack of pleasure in activities decreases the sexual productivity of the person. it can be completely cured without any addictive or sedative medication. but requires professional phasic management of the same

I have been suffering from depression for last 8 years. My problem is i can’t relate with people as work or socially and feel isolated. I feel no motivation or interest to talk to others. What can i do?
1. since its been present for 8yrs i suggest you visit a psychiatrist. 2. you have to start increasing positivity in your life. 3. also being isolated for so long makes the brain become addicted to isolation. its important that you break this slowly… initially it might cause some distress but on longer run it will help you out.

My wife seems to be very possessive about me due to which i am getting em brassed everywhere. How to handle this issue.
1. effective communication – talk the issue out with your wife. 2. you wife might have a fear of losing you. you need to address that issue of her 3. you both have to work upon expressing love in the right ways. 4. also if she has a difference in personality, her concerns about other issues need to be addressed with dialogue that goes along with action.

what are the precaution needed after recovering from depression due to chemical imbalance and not any other psychological cause?
1. be positive 2. when confronted with any stress, look at ways of solving it. remember “every stress has an opportunity hidden” 3. dont hesitate in consulting your psychiatrist again

my wife is dominating me a lot. cant talk to my relatives. how to change her
1. when one partner is dominating, the other partner normally complies to him/her out of “love”. 2. you have to understand that you just fuel her dominating nature with the same. 3. its important to have effective communication, tell her when she is behaving in a wrong way and bring about behavioral modification by constructive discussion and action process.

pl tell me how to keep calm during stressful situations at home and work?
1. move out of the stressing issues 2. deep muscle relaxation 3. deep breathing 4. spending sometime in the day to analyse your behavior and make a mental note on what you want to change. making efforts to change that behavior

hi doc, i am 23 yrs old. just joined a company. i find my boss dominating. how to tackle him?
1. since its your firsrt job, its a learning experience. 2. most bosses have to get work done and dont get time to focus on effective communication 3. its important that you develop coping modalities like a. understanding when to move out of a unfavorable situation b. not taking work home c. destressing d. not submitting yourself to excessive pressure from the boss e. drawing a limit to which you can handle issues.

pl suggest some tips to control temper
1. identify cause of temper 2. move out of a place when temper is developing 3. deep muscle relaxation 4. self-hypnosis and meditation are excellent to train your mind 5. venting out anger in positive ways. – diary, exercise, maintaining a hobby,

i am suffering from sleeping disorder,for last 8 months,in evening every day , i feel tired,please give your valuable suggestion.
1. check you diet 2. check you blood hemoglobin level 3. check for thyroid problems 4. maintain sleep hygiene 5. its important to manage your emotions in effective way 6. aerobic exercise is important to increase activity levels in the body

due to a trauma, my friend sleep talks. what is the cure for this?
he has to consult a neurologist, get a neurological checkup to find out the specific areas of the brain affected. medications are available to help him out.

my son is 8 yrs old he is very hyperactive. how to manage?
1. children are normaly hyperactive either because of fear, excessive need of attention or a reaction to something that is irritating them. 2. its important that you find out what is troubling him. 3. also he is old enough to be talked about his behaviour. 4. many times parents compare children to others, or demand more than the necessary from them, leading to such troubles. 5. if his hyperactivity is leading to decreased grades or performance in school consult a professional to diagnose any underlining cause for the same

how to handle impulsivity in my husband?
1. impulsivity comes out of failure to communicate and fear. 2. you need to develop effective communication with your husband. 3. also you have to pin point his mistakes and make sure he understands it. 4. if his impulsivity is due to depression get him treated for the same.

Sir, Due to a cheat relationship with a girl presently i m little in tension. all d time she is in mind and i always use to curse her. please provide d solution
1. when you go through a breach in trust the memory keeps revolving in a cyclic manner. this creates a lot of negativity, sadness anger and irritation. 2. sometimes you need to change your way of doing things to break that cycle. 3. get involved in work, keep your mind occupied with work and friends. 4. consult a psychiatrist/psychologist in your region for proper venting out of the episode. 5. compliment yourself for having the abilitiy to love…

My brain keep on thinking and it doesnot seem to stop even during sleep. I feel tired even after 8 hours of sleep. I am very much down in confidence and does not seem how to overcome negative thinking and low self esteem.
1. it seems your brain is into habit of thinking and over-analysing. 2. self-hypnosis, deep muscle relaxation and meditation are techniques that can help you. 3. concentrate on healthy diet and self-image enhancement

Hello Doctor Sb.I m a remarried widow 37 years old.My new husband is very stric food my 8 years old son.My son started stealing food because there is a strict restriction from my husband for fod eating.What should I do to help my son/
talk to your husband. its very negative attitude he maintains. if you son keeps stealing he will develop a negative attitude of tryiing to achieve what he wants thru anti-social ways. your husband has to be told its not the best way to bring about a child. be supportive of your child talk to him regularly make sure he tells you his apprehensions and thoughts, specially about his step-father.

after my wife’s death after a major operation, i feel myself guilty and unable to forget her, I remained with her 34 days in the hospital…
survivors guilt or the guilt of not being able to help more is one of the most traumatic experiences post the lost of a loved one. flashbacks of that even keep haunting your mind, creating a sense of sadness and guilt. you have to come to terms that you did the best within your capacity. even if given the choice today, you would make similar decisions and do the similar actions. her death is not your blame, but a medical condition beyond your control. its important to vent out your feelings in a constructive way. if your friends and family havent been helpful in the same, its important that you take professional help.

My mother in law is going through depression after my father in laws sudden death at Puri. She has tried to commit sucide several times and now a days things are getting more worse. How to over come ?
she seems to be having severe clinical depression. in many cases where a person suddenly looses the emotional center of her life, the person loses hope and need to live happily. since she has attempted suicide, its shows that the depression has clouded her entire persona. its important to get her medical psychiatric help immediately.

I find myself loosing zeal and enthusiasm to achieve anything new and constantly lacking motivation? How to cope with this situation?
1. you have to analyse what you want to achieve in life, in a realistic way. 2. then you need to plan it . 3. every plan is never fool proof. so be prepared to replan in any case. 4. but by planning the chances of achieving success are higher. 5.as you achieve success, enjoy it as it will increase motivation and zeal to achieve more success.

Hello Doc, I tend to have emotional eating habits! I overeat and binge when im too stressed, too worried or even when Im very anxious or exited? How do I control this?
very nice question.. emotional eating or compulsive eating is a very common problem which is neglected by many. as the name suggests it normally signals the lack of control on appetite due to extreme mental restlessness. its important that you control the racing thoughts in your mind. you need to identify those stressful situations that cause extreme stress. coping mechanisms could include, supplimenting your thoughts and habit with something lesser harmful

if i dislike someone i start hating that person. cant control my hatred. though i dont want to be like that, pl help
hatred originates from various reasons. one of the main being, people not listening to you. or not taking into account your decisions. you have to start accepting that not all of your decisions will be accepted by people. and they might not appreciate you all the time. its important to understand that in such situations, you can still come out as winner by changing yourself…

feeling lonely and down even with friends and family. not able to laugh freely. whats my problem?
if this problem is present for more than 2weeks, its could be early signs of clinical depression. also a fear of being judged by others could have settled in. for both cases, consult a professional

dear doctor, my mother is anxious all the time for all small things. it is very sad to see her worrying all te time. any solutions?
1. if she is above 40-42yrs, she might be going thru her menopause 2. if she has gone thru her menopause, and the problem persists throughout the day, consult a psychiatrist who does a complete analysis of her personality to find the root cause for her anxiety and the solution for the same

My wife trusts and takes only her father advise and do not trust my ideas. and even all financial decisions on jewels etc, are taken by her father How do I build the trust with her?
1. talk about this with her and her father. 2. also start taking small steps, by taking decisions in small events. as she gains confidence in you, she will give more weightage to your decisions 3. also ask her why she doesnt take your advise

sir, we are ling jt family. no fights but cold war all the time. how can this be overcome?
1. in many joint families people fail to communicate with each other. 2. its important that feelings are spoken about openly, discussions are not carreid out inside rooms 3. all members have to effectively accept to be open and communicate openly 4. one member is designated the head, who takes responsibility to bring about everyones feelings in a proper way.

can you recommend any breathing relaxation exercises? I have seen one in Mindmantra website, Can i use that?
you can use the once on mindmantra website… they are designed to help you.

Does Schizophrenia gets cured by itself with age?
no.. depending on the schizophrenia it can also worsen with age

is it normal to have continuous thoghts coming into mind and distubing conjcentration? iam overweight, and have infertility problem. does meditation help concentration?
no its not normal. it points towards excessive anxiety and stress. need to vent them out at emotional and physical levels.

whenever I have to attend an interview, I feel very tense, and end up not studying and at last not attending interview. this makes me feel very depressed and dejected. i feel burdened when i try to study. i cant recall whatever i study.
consult a psychiatrist to break the stress cycle you are in. .. intense fear has become phobic. in certain cases one time use medications that can help you fight that initial fear at the time of an interview, will help you boost your confidence and trigger your mind and will power.

im 35 years female, working, having 1 child. I 75 kgs im not able to reduce my weight and getting stressed out again and again, which is giving a effect in my personal life. Sometimes managing home and office is also very stressful, sometimes depressed.
1. get check of your blood hemoglobin, thyroid levels. 2. also check if any gynecological problems like pcod are present. 3. effective dieting resolves around eating small quantities of high protein, less carbohydrates and less fat at 2hrs intervals. 4. also depression could be leading to compulsive eating, if thats present that it can be tackled by taking treatment for the same.

Is OCD a psychological or psychiatric problem? Do medicines have side-effects in this case? Is it fully curable? Is it OK for an OCD person to go ahead with marriage plans or is it to be postponed until it is cured?
OCD is a psychiatric problem. medical cure for the problem is present. new drugs are non-sedative and non-addictive. and after the first 3-4days they are very well adjusted by the body. ask your psychiatrist to prescribe the same.

Iam 37 years old married woman, trying for job. I feel difficulties in concentrating on studying, and I cannot recall whatever I study.Also, my mind is bombarded with a series of unrelated thoughts, Please suggest me remedies for my memory problem.
its seems you have high levels of restlessness. i would suggest, have a diet high in protein source, get good relaxing sleep, writing a diary/meditation/hobby can help you out also look at consulting a professional to find out the causes of memory problems.

feel frightened during night sometimes.
1. sit and analyse since when has this fear appeared. 2. there could be a certain episode in your childhood that triggered the same 3. once you can identify with this you can vent it out and overcome your fears.

My MIL has depression problem,prescription says Paranoid Schizophrenia.I dont know her basic problem.My husband are not telling me.MIL behaves very normal,she takes sleeping pills,sleeps whole day.I am planning for child.Will my child suffer same problem?
paranoid schizophrenia is different from depression. there are slight chances of genetic transmission of the same. discuss this issue with your husband.

I 37 years old widow married to a very strict and money maniac husband. how to make him more living and caring?
you both need to consult a family counselor.

I m 55 a n since 5 years I have taken to drinking everyday. This started due to non- recognition in job ; however now I am recognised but I m unable to come out though I want to. The day I dont take I dont get good sleep . I have the will Power but the craving starts after leaving the office. I feel nice the next day when Idont take on the previous day. Please dont ask me to go to Rehabilitation centre but kindly suggest some mild Medicine to arrest the craving and for sleep. If not medicine I will try to follow ur counselling seriously.
Hello, It seems that your mind has adapted itself to having alcohol at a specific time every day.
The moment you don’t indulge in the same, it creates withdrawal symptoms. It important that you battle this withdrawal symptoms if you want to win over the battle.
You might need to consult a psychiatrist in your town to explain the exact withdrawal symptoms and get cure for the same.

I am facing an acute sleep disorder since a month. Sleep gets concentrated in the eyes and the signals do not go to the brain. Though I get the sleep with a lot of difficulty it gets broken all of a sudden. My eyes burn during the day time  because of lack of sleep. I am 43 years old and I am subcontiously tensed because of personal and professional issues. My sleep disorder is causing one more tension to me. Please suggest me the right medication.
I cannot suggest medications online. But your problem has a lot of clinical reference. I would suggest that you consult a psychiatrist in your area. The target area is the subconscious stress. He/she needs to help you sort that out, to get peaceful sleep.

My Brother is 34 yrs old and MBA..from last 5 yrs he is almost job less..smtimes company closed..smtimes he left d company .during these years he has become voilent ..sitting on internet applying for jobs..but no results..if anybody want to help him he always blames that person for ruined his life..his wife has left him coz of toturing her in many ways last year..he does not regard anybody..we all r helpless..he was not like that before 5 yrs..he has a daughter also whoever teach him or talk him..he becomes voilent..we all know he needs psychiatric but how to do it we don’t know ..he lives in Bhilwara, Rajasthan and i live in Ahmedabad
Your brother seems to be battling a lot of emotional issues all together. His emotional and behavioural self seems to be going from bad to worse because of this internal emotional battle.
He needs immediate psychiatric medical help.
In most of such cases, the patient doesn’t know he needs help, but the family members do perceive of the same.
If he has friends, they can persuade him to visit a psychiatrist.
If he still refuses, you could visit a psychiatrist in your area and explain the problem in detail. The psychiatrist could recommend some treatment that could be given to him, through liason with a general practioner.

My brother is suffering from Bi Polar Manic swings since last 24 years…. He is stable only for a few days and gets into the manic phase… even a small appreciation tiggers his mood swings……..is there any solution to this???? if yes can you give me your contact no.. or email id so that i can interact to get more information…
Bipolar disorder is one of the most debilitating disorders of the mind. Unfortunately the only way to treat the same is through continous medications. In manic phase he might need to be hospitalized. No long term cure has been developed for the same. If you want any other information or need to contact me, you can go to my website www.mindmantra.in

My mother is 83 yrs old and is diagnosed to be a chronic patient of glaucoma since 1986 and of cardiac arrhythmia since 1995, for both of which she has been under constant medication since respective diagnosis. She has had surgery for glaucoma on both eyes about 25 yrs back and for cataract on one eye about 2 yrs back. My mother had mild seizures (faintings) initially due to exhaustion, fasting and heat but later once or twice a year caused by lungs congestion during cold seasons in Delhi. To avoid these seizures, she spent six months of winter in Chennai. Seizures have since reduced greatly in frequency, intensity and duration. After seizures as also during periodical check-ups, her BP has been found normal in all cases except after the last seizure in November last when her BP had increased to 170/90. With doubling of the normal dosage of Thelma=H 40mg her BP had reduced to 100/70. After reducing the dosage of Thelma to half the normal dosage her BP normalised in March and thereafter her dosage and BP have been restored to normal levels. During the last 2 months however her memory has become confused increasingly the confusion being about dates, events and personalities being interchanged, sequence of events reversed. Of late her daily chores have also been getting increasingly getting affected by failing short-term memory with her medicines, their dosages and timings being observed in a topsy turvy fashion. To avoid risk to her health, we have started administering her medicines ourselves. Past CT scans and EEG/MRIs taken in 1999 and 2006 showed no significant abnormalities. EEG taken this week also shows no abnormality. Is my mother’s memory abnormality curable through medication or otherwise and is it temporary or permanent ?
Since there is a history of BP and seizures being present, its very important to get her a complete checkup. Unfortunately EEG won’t help in diagnosing memory problems. You need to get an MRI brain and memory specific psychometric tests. This can be done by consulting a neuro-psychiatrist in your city. It’s important to find if the changes are due to dementia or depression. Treatment and cure will depend upon the diagnosis.

I just want to talk about my spouse, she is a very good lady and a very good friendly person. But she had a traumatic child hood even unimaginable to me and yourself. Her father is a drunken beast! used to abuse,beat her and her mother. Some times they had even severe bleeding and wounds. Even today he abuses her mother. Alcohol is only a reason, by nature I have not seen such a beast in a human form. Occasionally, (say once or twice in a month) My wife suddenly gets very violent it lasts for about an hour or 2 and for another day or two she will be in deep depression. Then she becomes normal. Certain things triggers her this violent mood, even in social gatherings or while having casual friendly chat, suddenly a lighter joke or some such silly things triggers her violent mood. Due to my profession, I have to go out of station sometimes. She will be with my kid. I am even afraid to leave my kid with her, if I am moving out for 2 or 3 days. Anti depressants and counselling, has not helped her. I am even afraid her temporary state could have a very negative impact on my 7 year old daughter. Please give some suggestions. Her mother used to stay with her when I used to go outside. The problem with that lady is she uses my spouse her daughter as a Sink to clear her negative emotions. It results in more such incidents. Please give me your suggestion.
It’s very sad to hear the trauma your spouse has gone through. Unfortunately the lack of a proper parental support, especially a father in the case of a girl child, creates an emotional void in the individual’s personality. This emotional void leads to a higher need to be loved and appreciated by those close to her. It also gives rise to extreme mood swings, which could range from very well behaved to terror.
Many a times such adaptations become part of the personality. Counseling has to focus on bringing change in these maladaptive behavioural patterns. Also medications have to focus on the same.  Anti-depressants might not be required, and she might require other type of medicines.

Dear Sir, I am going through a phase where I feel restless very much and can’t sleep properly at night. At night all sorts of negative thoughts comes and i feel as if all are doing well . I feel very lonely and feel sad most of the time. I feel as if I am not doing well and keep comparing woth others in terms of money , assets etc. I dont find peace and sometimes whenver this restless ness things happens if there is any itchh in body, i feel more irritated. I also feel nervous. I feel depressed. Pls help me to get out of this
Seems you have got engrossed into a stress cycle. The more negativity you generate the more stress you get and vice-versa. The restlessness in your mind is generating more and more negativity.
It’s important that you break this stress cycle. Once you are able to do so, you will be able to control the self.
Since the problem is also causing depression, it shows that its clouding your personal and professional life also. The cure for the same lies in generating positivity. If you cannot stop the stress cycle on your own, seek professional help for the same. Cause once thats done, its easier to generate positivity and overcome depression and restlessness.

Dear Sir, I think I am suffering from depression in the sense that, my situation goes like this: partucularly at night , i feel very restless and could’nt put my head down on pillow for sometime . The situation improves if I get up from the bed and start walking a bit in my room . all sorts of negative thoughts comes to my mind like my freinds doing better job, have good salary and stays in good location etc. I also work for an reputed MNC having a high ranking in fortune 500 list. but I feel my freinds doing better. I also feel very lonely although I have a loving wife and a kid. I tend to my self confidence and sometime develop feeling that I am very weak.
The situation is not prolong but repeats itself under some interval. Kindly Help me tp get out of this. Warm Regards

Your current emotional stage is coming from a lot of subconscious anxiety and probably presence of an inferiority complex. If you are a sensitive or a very competitive personality, comparing yourself with others becomes the central cause of all negativity. Happiness has no social standing or socio-economic status… it lies within self, family and friends… look for positivity and happiness. The more you will compare the more you will become negative about self. Remember the more positive and upbeat you are about achieving the goals you set for yourself, the more others will follow you. Happiness and positivity is infectious.
IF you are still having problems, battling the restlessness, consult a professional in your area. He/she can give you psychological exercises like self-hypnosis and meditation to help you increase positivity.

I was at 20 i fall in love, then my parents compulsion i married another one whom i never like.my marriage life is only 3 months, we dont have any type of physical contacts, then i came back from that hell. after 2 yrs my lover came me and told that he will marry me, i said ok. we love each other sincerely and also we have sex also. he is a pakka gentlemen, he have a relation i.e. his aunt, they spokes each other, but he didn’t tell this to me, i’m itself ask about this to him, he tell nothing, i’ve 99% confident on him. But still 1% have i’m afraid. Before 1 week we had a severe fight. I scold him by using wrong words. he got angry and he also scold him i.e. reminding about my past, even though we had a several fights before he never speaks about my past, till now he doesn’t talk to me, i get upset, whenever i call him he said dont cal me i dont like to talk to you, wat can i do.
If he is the gentlemen you have said he is, then have confidence in him. You can call and apologise for your rude behaviour. This will help ease the tension.

Dear Sir, i am facing sleep disorder from past 5 years i am 33 yrs old working as HR professional with no tentions in life. usually i sleep at 12 in night but i fall sleep around 3 am and get up at 8 am so i get only 4 to 5 hrs sleep not 8 hrs required sleep. in that 5 hrs sleep i usually get awake 4 to 5 times so there is lot of break in sleep i dont get sound sleep. need your help to fix this problem thanks.
Get a complete sleep study done. Your sleep problem might not be related to stress or tension. But related to some underlining medical complain like snoring, increased weight, thyroid problem, blood problems, etc.

Hi, I have been married for 13 years now, my wife not very educated we had a run away marriage she has had sever problem during 12 yrs/13 yrs she was sexually abused, later she was treated like a prisoner who was locked up in a room, well all this coz she was giveing their folks problems, also her parents were divorced, her mother got married to anothet person who did not want this child, this child was taken care by grand parents, Later from her lone room she would make way to go out of the house & started getting friends with few colony Guys who used to exploit her & give her drugs,This has probably continued for more tha 1 & Half years, Now we are having 2 children but the problem is she has drugs(Grass daily) & she needs the bodily attachment which i am not enjoying, maybe due to not getting adequate sleep….she was almost hospitalised for excessive drugs, I am trying my best infact taken as a challenge to get her well, but seems like my patience is running out as i dont have parents neither anyone from my wifes side,I need to work & go back to take care of children,Have my put my son who is 9 now in Hostel & have a daughter who will be 4 now, Could you suggest me how I could bring a change in my wife..
Sad to hear about the condition of your wife. She needs to be put in a good rehabilitation centre where she can be de-addicted for the substance (grass) and counselling can help her cope up with her other body needs.