Hormonal imbalance causes weight gain: Dr. Chaturvedi

Antiaging and Bariatric Physician, Dr. Deepak, specialises in hormone-related disorders, aging and obesity management.

His areas of expertise include management of various endocrinologic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, PCOD, menopause, andropause, sexual dysfunction (in men and women), metabolic and immunological conditions and other hormonal imbalances.

The expert took time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on hormonal imbalance, hyperthyroidism and more. Read the chat transcript here.
i am diabetic for last four years i am taking treatment from a doctor who is mbbs md but not diabetic specialist. my sugar level is under control and i feel well .but should i go to some specialist for treatment pls suggest
An M.D (Medicine) is specialist in Diabetes management. No need to go anywhere else. Have faith in your doctor.

What are the symptoms to watch for in case of hypothyroidism & sjogrens syndrome.
Both conditions cause excessive dryness of skin, eyes. Take care of your joints and Gastrointestinal tract also.

How can I know that my health is improving?
It’s more of symptomatic improvement and sense of wellbeing.

I am suffering from hypothyroidism & sjogrens syndrome is it curable & what is the treatment option for it?
It’s probably due to Auto-immune cause. Meet your Endocrinologist and find other abnormalities, if any. These conditions can be supported well.

In 2005 my endocronoligist put me on thyromone 100mcg per day, now the dose is reduced to .75 mcg , is there any way that i can get rid of this medicine, coz i dont like to pop the pill , daily first thing in the morning, plss help me. Thank u
If the cause of your hypothyroidism is autoimmune then you may need to take the thyroid replacement for long term/life long. I think you should not be apprehended about this. A small pill is modifying your life and preventing the complications of hypothyroidism. Your Endocrinologist have kept you on Thyronorm. Have faith in him. He will never harm you.

Female 22 years. Had hyperprolactenemia 7 mnths back. PCOD also. Had irregular periods. Now it is normal after losing 14 kgs weight. previously was 65kg. Will it affect child birth after marrigae? Sometimes having swollen lymph nodes in armpit
What was the reason of Hyperprolactinemia? Usually, corrected hyperprolactinemia should not cause problems in conception. Swollen lymph nodes in armpit should be evaluated. I suggest , Repeat Serum Prolactin and USG whole abdomen/pelvis again. If Prolactin is very high then MRI Brian will be advisable. The best way is to contact your doctor now and get everything evaluated.

dear Dr.Deepak,would like ask two questions :- 1) Which is the most avoidable foods to prevent Diabetes and High Cholesterol. 2)What are the main reasons for low sex desire in a sedentary life style and how can be these prevented. Thanks
White/Refined concentrated sugars in any form, if avoided will surely help in controlling Blood Sugar and Cholesterol. Avoiding Fatty Fried food will amplify the response. Sedentary life style diminishes your gonadal/Adrenal hormones and this may be one of the reason for low libido. More importantly, one might be suffering from hormonal imbalances and because of which libido is low plus there is no enough energy to lead active life. Meet you doctor, do investigations and take treatment.

I have Hyperthyroidism.Well controlled on Eltroxin.But I just cant lose weight.Tried dieting,exercise.How could I lose weight
Hyperthyroidism doesn’t cause weight gain. You might be having hypothyroidism. If weight is your concern then you can discuss with your doctor and modify the dose of Eltroxin. More importantly, you need to evaluate yourself for other endocrinologic/Metabolic problems. Serum Insulin , Testosterone , Estradiol, Prolactin and other hormones level can give some clue about underlying issues. Even Leptin level can help. Once the diagnosis is in hand the management will be better.

I am 43 years old woman and my weight is 78 kg my height is 5″ 6 inches . I feel too obesity and also it is due to menopause or something else answer me
With your height you should be around 65 Kg. You are overweight with probably 12-15 Kg. Menopause can be one of the reason for your weight gain. But other reasons (Endocrine , lifestyle , Stress etc.) can not be ruled out. It’s better if you meet your doctor now. There are other important issues related with menopause. Go and discuss with your doctors (Endocrinologist and Gynecologist).

what are the symptoms of hypothyroidism?
Weight gain , Dry hairs, Hair loss , losing lateral part of your eye brow/eye lashes, Constipation , Low libido , Menstrual irregularities , Rashes , Feeling very cold , Fragile nails , …….. (the list is too long ………….)

Can improper nutrition in childhood cause endocrine changes?
Yes. It can. Remember, your hormones need Cholesterol, Proteins and other raw material for synthesis. Secondly, malnutrition in early childhood brings chronic stress response leading to endocrine imbalances.

Also having issues with scalp excess sebum (hair gets oily after few hours of getting washed) and dandruff and ultimately Hair Loss.. could it be related to hormone’s disturbance???
It may be related to high DHT level…

27 years old/male/ facing problem of overweight and excess sweating quite abnormally, a phd student requires a lot of sitting hours.. Please help..
May be an autonomic problem. Check for BSL/Insulin/Aldosterone. Consult your physician before giving sample.

Sir, if suddenly sex and ejaculation is not done say for three months or more will the collected semen do any harm to body or sex life later. I am 60 year old , no diseases only disliking to wife. Thanks
No, it doesn’t.

51 yrs old and hypothyroid since 1982. On 100 mg of Eltroxin daily. 88 Kgs (5′ 8″) but energetic. Control cholesterol with medicine. BP tendency shown but not on drug. What is medically recommended on long term basis.
Keep checking your thyroid profile. Keep a target of TSH between 1-3.

tsh is 6 now earlier it was 10 two months back.that time thyroxin was 50mg.now problem is throat dry. also hotflashes,mouthdryness,neck pain i,pulpitation and tension.pl tell waht to do. i met dr sunil mishra in mendanta.he says there is no problem.
Do your DHEAS/Morning Cortisol/Iron studies/B12/D3/Folate. You will find the reason.

I have hypothyroidism and am taking tablets.Is there any diet restrictions for this.
Avoid CRUCIFEROUS vegetables and soya.

I have been hypothyroidic for 5 years now. Currently under 100 mcg of thryonorm. I feel extremely tired, weak and find difficulty in concentrating at work. Is it in someway related to hypothyroidism? If so, why do i still feel low inspite of medication?
Evaluate your Iron/Vit B12/Folate/Vit D3 levels. You may find the reason.

Hyperthyroidsm sleepless nights and loss of weight for 2years. Prescribed Anti thyroxin Tab (Carbimizole) 5 Mg reduced to one quarter Dr Sir Should I continue to take the drug life long I am weighing 58 Kg and my height is 168 CM
You need to evaluate your thyroid profile on timely fashion. You may need to be put on thyroid medication also if your thyroid profile gives picture of hypothyroidism (drug induced). This is called as Block-replacement protocol. The decision on how long will you be on medication is very subjective.

Have B12 and Vit-D deficiency. Take B12 shots monthly and Vit-D tablets twice a week since Oct-11. Gastric,digestion,nerve pains retreated. Catches across my back still persists causing unbearable pain. Visited Ortho and GP but no solution. Plz advice.
If you are a vegetarian then there are chances of you developing Vi B12 deficinecy is more. Take Tab Hosit once daily. This should help. Other brands like neurobion etc are also available. What did your Orthopedician advice you regarding your back pains. Is it a lumbosacral sprain or any other disc problem. Be open for evaluation and if needed get MRI done with your Orthopedician’s advice.

im a 25yr old f,testd pcod 5mths bk& dht,very high,hd lot of pustule acne,fr dht im gvn finasteride 5mg tabs.wil it tk cr of acne &its marks&when stopd wil acne com bk?whts d permanent treatmt fr acne due to hormones?
If your acne is due to high DHT , then there are chances that they can come back once you stop Finasteride. I don’t advocate anyone using long term Finasteride. It may cause low libido , low energy and also there are some chances of developing osteoporosis if you continue taking this pill for long. It’s better if you ask your dermatologist to give you some Acne peels , LASER treatments. I am sure you have tried Minocycline , Erythromycin , Isotretinoin , Benzoyl Peroxide , Clindamycin etc. etc.

I have a serious problem of harmonal imbalance & asked many doctors about it but none of them are helpfull. please give me contact details of these doctor i.e. endocrinologist.
If you are in Mumbai then you can contact me (www.hormonedoctorindia.com). There are other good endocrinologists like Dr.Shashank Joshi (Lilawati Hospital), Dr.Dhiraj Kapur (Ambani Hospital) etc.

how to reduce belly fat ?
Need to see you to discuss this.

what are the ways to deal with childhood thyroid probs?
consultation with specialist and then on necessary thyroid medication. Remember, thyroid dysfunction usually comes with other metabolic and endocrinological problems. Evaluate the endocrine system thoroughly.

I am 48 year old and making 30 mts walking in the early morning , weight 85 kg i want to reduce my weight what are the food to restrict and what are the things to follow to reduce my weight. Thanking you.

Need to see you to discuss this.

I am 36 unmarried.i have normal periods but since last two months quantity of blood in menstruation is decreasing do i have no other problem like pain or irregularity in periods. only the blood is not like before

See your gynecologist and Endocrinologist. Rule out PCOD , Iron deficiency , B12 Deficiency also.

sir I am 40, my weight is 81Kgs. I do walk for 30 mts everyday and do some stretching exercise. Still my weight is not coming down. My menstrual cycle is 23 days. Is it due to harmonal imbalance? suggest to reduce my weight
Hormonal imbalance is one of the major cause of stubborn weight gain. Your menstrual cycle has also shortened. Don’t wait for anything , go and see your endocrinologist and gynecologist.

sir, what precautions can we take to make menopause normal..my mother had some heavy bleeding and other issues..so im worried..my age 42 now..
The best way is to keep evaluating yourself. Short courses of Hormone Replacement Therapy under supervision helps to alleviate the problems of menopause.

how is endocrine problem related to diabetes?
Diabetes itself is an endocrinologic problem.

having a lump in throat since last 2 mnths. shd i check for thyroid..
Yes. Get it evaluated. Also see your ENT doctor.

my wife is 32 yr old and her wt is 72+ Kgs, how she can loose her wt within 2 months
Need to see her before commenting anything.

Dear Doctor My wife age 49 pm is obese. She has reported following : Hb 11.5; WBC 3.8; HbA1C 6.3; eAG 134, T3 81; T4 7; TSH 6.57; Free T3 2.68; Free T4 12.2. Otherwise she is fine. Please advice future course of action
TSH is marginally high. She might be undergoing perimenopause or menopause. Other evaluation also need to be done. Consult her gynecologist and Endocrinologist.

Dear Doctor I am 31 year old male weighing 81 kg ,from last 4 years my weight is between 79 ~81kg,want to reach 70 kg.please guide some plan for the same.i have a sitting job,i do exercise also but i am not regular..
I will need to see you for this for further examination.

I am 38 year old married woman under infertility treatment. I have high testosterone level of 40. With this count is it possible to go for ivf treatment?
Yes, it’s possible. What about other reports?

though i eat well and exercise regularly i get tired easily. apart from this no porblems, shd i check for endocrine disorder
Yes, you should. Plus check yourself for Iron/Vit D3/Vit B12/Folate/Calcium

Hi! I am having Hypothyroidism and I am also suffering from PCOD. I am on medications – Thyronorm for last 5 years. Not able to loose weight. Can you suggest ?
You may need to balance your Estrogen and Progesterone too. Need to see you for that.

i had chocolate cyst in my ovary 6yrs back, then again last year. this yr got small fibroid in uterus. is there any relation to endocrine?
Probably a high estrogenic state. Consult your gynecologist and get thorough hormone testing done.

are women more prone to endocrine problems
Unfortunately yes (at least for some hormonal imbalances like autoimmune hypothyroidism etc.)

does drinking regularly increase thyroid chances
There is no dierect co-relation. But drinking regularly is not good for any system.

do fatty foods cause thyroid disorders in children
No direct association.

Which are the foods good for Diabetic, and is it possible to cure type 2 diabetic if it detected at initial stage
Non sugary/ Non fatty foods are good. Diabetes can be controlled if diagnosed on time.

55 male diabetic for last 5 yrs weight 100 kgs for last 20 yrs diabetic well controlled. Diet comparatively very less to normal male. Unable to reduce weight. I understand that Endocrinologist can help. All Thyroid test are normal.
I need to see you to comment on this.