Rujuta Diwekar: You don’t lose weight by counting calories

Rujuta Diwekar, the diet expert for Kareena Kapoor, Anil Ambani, Karisma Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan, took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ nutrition queries. Read the complete chat transcript here…

Rujuta Diwekar shares fitness tips with

What is the best way to keep diabetic patient fit?
Frequent meals + weight training

maine 2 sal gym ki hai aur 20 kg. weight kam kiya. agar mai gym chodati hu to mera weight badhaga?
Kaam karna chodo toh salary bhi band ho jata hai. You need to workout all your life. If not gymming, try running, yoga, pilates..

My name is Taruna. My height is 5’7 and my current weight is 75 kgs. Mam I want to loose my weight around 10-15 kgs. So plz tell me which diet i vl tk and wht exact exercise i shd do reduce my weight in around 4 – 5 months? mam plz rply on my question
Taruna.. Dont think that height & weight are related. Start working out so that you look fitter & more toned.

Hi .. I am 34 years old .. I want have double chin and extra fat on my tummy (waist size 35). I am 34 years old and I weigh 75kg &am 5’9 tall
Well.. body strores fat in different areas – chin, waist, hips, thighs – make sure you eat often & sleep well. Read the startegies chapter in Women & weight loss tamasha

How to remove lovehandles?
By reducing gaps in your meals

People say you need 1 gm of protein per lbs of your weight.
People say many things.. Counting grams in almost impossible. Best to employ common sense & eat local food and what is in season

I am not able to lower my body fat percentage and still maintain my muscle mass . if i lower my carb intake then my muscle mass suffers. How much protein/shakes is recommended
Make sure you have your protein shake post workout & have early dinners max by 8pm so that you are able to push the rate at which your body’s burning fat

Could you please suggest me a diet chart where i can reduce my weight , I have disc problems hence Iam not advised to go to the gym. My weight 80 kg with 5.4 inc in height and iam 33 years old.
Well get a fitness assesment done & then I am sure you will be to train & lose weight

Hi, please do tell me will eating an egg daily make me put on weight, consuming around 10 almonds or walnuts a day does it increase ur weight or  cholesterol level . Kindly let me know.
No. But its not about a single meal in isolation. You have to eat right all day long and sleep on time

What is the least evil among junk food? Is Bhel, chaat, etc junk food?
Eating junk out of desperation is the biggest evil. If you are eating out of decision and you eat junk once a week – anything is ok

Seen your facebook page. How do you manage to get the energy to do so much: Fitness, books, travel, etc?
I eat all the time:)

Does curd make you fat?
It makes you super lean

Is it true that hypothyroids should not eat flaxseeds and soyabean?

Post workout, do we need to eat immediately or post 1 hours What is right Please suggest

How can PCO syndrome be controlled by diet?
Tamasha has a big chapter on PCOS along with strategies you can use to help your ovaries. Do read it & for now work on cutting down chai/coffee & sweets

When will you write a book for men? We have weight and health issues too!

hi rijuta im 35 year old working woman my job is almost sitting job but i do work at home (normal house work ) my waight is 70 kg i wish to loose atlest 7 k.g please help to get my dream target
The new book ‘tamasha’ has lot of suggestions for your kind of profile please read it. It will help you plan your own diet

My present weight is 139 kg can i reduce wait by dieting, nonveg is good or not
Yes you can. Veg or non veg is your choice

I am have undergone 6xcabg, under medication for BP, diabetes. I was advised to reduce weight from 105 kg to 80 kg and nearly achieved this last three years by diet control and exercise. how to reduce next 5 kgs as i am stuck
If your health has improved dont bother with numbers – 5/10 kgs dont matter if your health is better.

I am 140 kg and i want to reduce how can i do that
By eating right

Does eating banana, egg and curd put on weight
Of course not

I m 5.2,but my tummy is bloated so badly.can u give men few tips to how to reduce that.abt my diet im eat in diffrent proprtions
For bloating – 1. Drink more water 2. Increase protein intake 3. Take Vit B6 supplement

Hi rujuta, pl tell us how to prevent sagging of facial muscles?
By smiling often

Hi, please suggest a diet for hair loss
Eat according to the four principles & strategies and increase Vit B intake

What food to avoid for hypo thyroid. which oil is good for deep frying/ cooking so as to have less cholesterol intake
Cholesterol is also caused because of stress. Work at reducing that first. Filtered groundnut oil is good so is ghee

Suggest a diet chart for me. I’m 5.8″ & 90 Kgs
I wish I was a slot machine churning out diets. Since I am not, I will need your full diet & activity recall before helping you with any diet suggestions

I’m over weight primarily due to my drinking habits. How could I compensate the loss in terms of nutrition and vitamins and try to lose weight as well
By limiting the number of drinks & the number of days you drink

Any diet solution for irregular periods?
Sleep well & improve nourishment status. Sorry no quick fixes

If I have been eating rice from childhood, should I be shunning it from my diet? (Mahaharashtrian – Fish eating & lived most of my life in Mumbai), I am 40 working, my fav food is fish & rice, this is the only thing I hate about diet!!!
No chance. You must eat rice all your life. I love rice too

How do you stay fit?
Eating, working out, sleeping on time, loving what I do, Himalayan holidays. Check out

I loved your book: Weight loss tamasha. But there were too many spelling errors in it. Could you request your publishers to avoid that in the next edition?
Yes, I will:)

Hi! Is it common to feel hungry after 1 hour of work-out? (Even after drinking protein shake). Especially since I work out between 8-9 pm, what is it that I should eat post-workout?
Yes. After your post workout meal have dinner

My son is underweight. can u pl suggest foods to fatten him up?
As long as he is healthy dont worry about his weight. Or else a few years later you will want me to help you with a diet to help him lose weight

Dear rujuta, is it safe to eat eno salt for acidity frequently?
Its not safe to have so much acidity that ENO is a part of kitchen cupboard

I wake up in the morning at 4.30…whether I have to start eating from that time onwards ,…As per 4 principles of diet or i can eat after workout at 7 a.m.
Eat as soon as you wake up

My wife gained 30 kg after two children were born.
Help her with house work & she will shrink in size

What is the approx calories I will burn if I climb 10 floors and whether climbing stairs is helpful for losing weight?
Not counting calories is the most helpful for losing weight

I want to lose 25 kgs in 2 months…. pls suggest
Give up obsessing with weight loss & look at adopting a healthier lifestyle so that you are thin post those two months too

Is it good to burn out more than 1000 calories everyday in the gym. Will it effect my health.
Counting calories has adverse effects on health

Hieeee! Achha what is with the whole egg white fancy? I love egg yolks, and from what I know they’re nutritious. Is it okay to have the full egg, yolk included? If yes, any max permissible number of them per day?
Yes. You decide the right number not me. After all your stomach has to digest them not mine

My sugar levels are low, how do I increase it by good diet?
By eating on time

Any diet for those with high uric acid and bp?
I want to write a book on that. Most importantly stop all processed foods

A friend of mine is more than 100 kgs and she is getting married in a couple of months. Any shortcuts to help her.
No shortcuts. Just a happy married life full of sensible eating & regular workouts

The usual flabby skin after workouts especially belly and thighs i am mother of two and also bharatanatyam dance teacher and guru.kindly give me solution along with diet. Of course i maintain good nutritious diet more with juices, veggies, boiled rice, fruits
If your workout is well planned nothing will sag. Invest in a good trainer.

Can you please tell us what are the nutrition tips that you have provided to Kareena Kapoor to maintain such a fit body???
The same that I talk about in both my books. Read her personal note in tamasha

Pl suggest diet to get rid of migraine
Eat often & wholesome – complete meals

Hi, I am following your plan but no improvement in my PCOD, what else can i do, plz suggest, I am 29, weigh 68 kilos.
Give it time. PCOD doesnt improve overnight

I’ve been following ur diet tips frm ur 1st book, life is better. I go 4 jogging alternative days, but my weight is not reducing !!! stuck @100kgs, any suggestions?
If your jogging has improved you have dropped your fat weight so dont worry. Also stay consistent.

Rujuta:):) its awesome for u to inerct wid ur fans:):) nice pic on FB:):) UR so down to earth and sweet..May god bless you everything u want:):):)
Thanks so much. You are very kind

Rujuta plz plz plz reply:-) when should we eat makhanas????Wen we active o just wen we relaxng????
Good with afternoon or eve chai thats how I like them.

Rujuta its a month since i started yoga iam 42 and weigh 54 kgs. Am doing yoga regularly; am losing weight too. Can i also do a little bit of walking besides yoga???
Sure if you like

Hey rujuta:):):) LolRujuta u have told drinks lots of water…u told too much of a good thing is ALWAYS bad…sooo how many litres of water?????Huh??? hUH????
Urine should always be clear – thats the right amount

I am a housewife for last one year and gained 20 kgs. There is no gym near my house and the area is bad so cant go for walks.. plz advice how reduce weight?
Learn to workout at home & try running

Is it good to workout during periods?
Yes if you are comfy

How much time gap should I give between the breakfast & Lunch
Keep a gap of 2 hrs bet every meal

Hey Ruj…how are you babes?? I read an article on the net that too much consumption of vit.C can bring on a miscarriage..Is it true ?? please clarify..thanks
I have never done any article like that babe

Start eating right & working out as early as possible

Do can I lose weight without workout…I had a c section 7 months back….. I’m 5’5 and weigh 75kgs
Of course you can

I’m 27 planning to get married this year . But i want start my family after 3 yrs when I’ll be 30 yrs. So what are the things I need to keep in mind if i want to conceive after 30
Read prepregnancy chapter in Tamasha

Feels really great to chat with u. jst wanna ask i have huge stomach kindly let me know how to reduce it
Feed it with good wholesome food.

I have been exercising regularly and eat a balanced diet but till date my upper arms sag. Please advise???
Its not about exercising you have to be doing the right kind of exercise

Both your books are really motivating!! I actually quit soft drinks completely. However I still crave for chocolate and eat a peice after lunch daily…is that too bad? I workout at least 4 days a week and mostly eat home food and fresh fruits.
Wow! ? Thanks. Yes, craving chocolates is not a great thing. Take a multivitamin & that will help. Also increase water intake

I m 50 ht 5ft1in wt 58kg i know i m overweight i do brisk walk but then also i m not losing weight
Read strategies chapter in tamasha especially the exercise strategies & you will figure out what you need to do

is it ok to have a glass of milk wid breakfast? u hv not mentioned anything regarding milk in both of ur books.
Yes its absolutely fine

hi (1) are dates/khajurs ok as mini meals? (2) are salted peanuts ok too?
Yup. Roasted peanuts better though – the ones you get at chana/ singdana wallas

Despite cutting back on carbohydrates aand eating less at every meal, i am unable to lose weight, what should be my approach. I am 47 yrs, male and weigh 95 kgs
Please don’t cut down on carbs. Body cant burn fat in the absence of carbs

I cook rice in the rice cooker, that way the starch stays in the rice. Is that fattening? or should i cook it the other way please.
Starch is great

I was 100 kgs and now I im stuck to 72, though I can see inch loss.. But my main issue is my fat thighs and arms they look very bulky and my arms have loose skin.. What do u think i shd do? Is spot reduction possible? Do u recommend Liposuction?
There is no spot reduction. Wow I think 72 is awesome. Have you thanked your body? If you workout regularly the thighs will shrink. Dont worry.

I do some simple home exercises, but after exercise i feel very tired and little headache also? What to do?
Eat before you start exercising

Can I do Yoga instead of weight training?
Sure, it’s a personal choice

Is your diet effective even for people with fatty liver
Yes if they follow it

Can I eat fruits like apple, orange, pear at 11 AM? i eat banana or laddu after i get up in the morning and have phulaka, paratha for the breakfast. I take my lunch at 1pm

Eating flaxseed powder with buttermilk before will reduce food intake. is it a right theory for losing weight.
Avoiding food to lose weight is a baseless theory. Dump it

Is it true that if we stop gym pratice we put on weight again ?

Hi rujuta would you recommend any special care in terms of any specific food item for people who are diabetic
Just avoid long gaps in meals

I’ve started carrying dabba from home, but then this food is no longer fresh (i.e. eaten within 3 hrs of cooking, as advised by you).  please suggest. thank you 🙂 btw love both ur books, i’m a HUGE fan 🙂
Thanks. Eat as much as home as possible. I agree lunch is not exactly 3 hrs within coooking but 100 times better than restaurant & canteen options.

Hi, i am a punjabi, who moved tom Bombay after shadi. will i better off eating food acc to my genes (punjabi) or my place of residence (marathi)? please suggest. many thanks 🙂
Combination of both

Hey Ruj…the vit C article was not by u….just a random thing that i stumbled upon on the net…so could you pls tell me if it’s true or not ?? thanks
Get your info from net journals not newspapers

Hi..dont u thnk eating 6-7 mels for a working woman is 2 tuff? also travelling takes a toll..reaching office and cumng bak takes a lot of to take out time for exercise? how many days a week is enough to lose fat?
No. A working woman can plan her meals. I do it for myself.

what are the foods to be taken for a better sexual life
All food is good, cut down on processed food

Hi rujuta….i bot ur book..its awsum..

I saw in one of ur tweets ..its not good to have a cuppa coffe after meals , why so ? I do that always and tht has become the oly thing tht makes me feel full .And could that be a reason of bloating ? does milk or wheat cause bloating commonly?
yes. stimulant with a meal will bloat

Hey rujuta i m 26 yrs old 5ft 5in height n weight 75kg starting following ur 4 principles n try to implement d life style advised by u but i cnt just skip carbs in dinner..wat to do. n wat exercise regimen do u suggest?thanx luv u
Please eat carbs for dinner but dont delay dinners or have it watching TV

I m following your 4 principles. But sometimes i feel sleepy in the afternoon.what to do?
Add 1 tsp of homemade ghee to lunch

Is olive oil good for health.
Yes. But dont give up on local oils

Your take and thoghts on marriage..its awsum..loved tht chapter..gifted ur book to my friend who just got married..
Thanks so much

Is walking a good exercise?
I am not a fan of walking

Hi Rujuta, read both ur books and of course ive become a devotee 😉 what meal do you recommend before a workout first thing in the morning?
Fruit. Thanks. glad you like the books

There is a lot of myth a about protein shakes…u do suggest to take it..i workout 6 days a should i take it daily? wat is your take on it…and i hope i can take ur services 1 day..wd soon start earning..:)
Post weight training. Will wait for you:)

Thanks for answering my question. I know your bombarded with them left right and center. God bless 🙂

How to reduce Sugar Level and Chelostrol
Eating on time

I have been doing strength training alternate days too, but there is no difference on my tummy. Can you suggest any workout for that?
Give it time..

Smart answers. Good promo for your books. What a tamasha
What a good sense of humour;) )

I can not run faster than 6.5 speed on the tread mill. I try to run for about 20 mins, alternate days, do i need to change anything?
Speak to your trainer

Can one start exercising while trying to conceive…
Of course. It improves blood suppy to reproductive organs

Rujuta Diwekar shares fitness tips with