Choose a form of exercise you enjoy: Venu Hirani

Nutritionist and fitness consultant, Venu Hirani is a Reebok certified group exercise instructor and personal trainer. Venu specializes in weight management.

Armed with a degree in Food Science & Nutrition and a post graduation in Sports Science & Nutrition, Venu founded ‘Bodyworks’ in 1995.

She is a certified obesity consultant from the All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity(AIAARO) and a Certified Prenatal Fitness Educator (ICPFE) from the International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA).

Venu has written numerous articles for the print as well as online media. She regularly conducts health and fitness awareness programs for corporate/institutions and was also featured on television shows.

The weight loss expert took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on diet plans, exercise types, post pregnancy weight loss and more. Read the chat transcript here

how to reduce tummy? give me tips for exercise and food to be taken
no food will give you a flat tummy….burn the fat around it via exercise & tone the muscles with core training exercises

Hi 27 old, 5.7 , wt 84kgs. Defence service,vegetarian , i want to reduce my weight up to 60-62 kgs. please please give me Dieting & Exercise tips to loose weight. i am waiting for your reply.
5 t0 7 hours of cardio vascular exercise per week (walking/cyclying/swimming) + a diet rich in complex carbohydrates & proteins. Since you are a vegetarian include nuts/ soya/milk & pulses to make up your protein requirement

i am 33 years old height 5.4” my weight is 105 kg. i travel 20 days in a month.what should i plan my diat to reduce my weight.
since u travel extensively make sure you’re eating your meals on time + carry some dry foods such as nuts/ khakhra/ biscuits with you to make up for times when you may not find food that you can eat while on the go. Exercise at least 30 mins daily…a simple walk may do wonders

i am 35 years old. my weight is 73 kgs, and my height is 5.7″. is my weight ok. i have a tummy bulge after my second child advise me to reduce it and reduce weight too!. thankyou
you need to lose a couple of kgs …..the bulge is lose muscle and skin which you will need to tighten….also focus on core training exercises…talk to your trainer about specific abdominal exercises + add back strengthening as well

Dear Mam, my hight is 4.11′ n my wt is 56 kgs i wanna re-size myself within 3 mnths i wanna have my ideal wt n figure so plz let me know wht should i do? right now i gain lots of inches on my heaps, tummy n waist plz help me to get my fitness back.
first have patience……start exercising regularly…choose a form you enjoy….a combo of aerobic exercise + weighs or yoga will help

I am 45 yrs, male, 74 kg, having sedentary life style for 20 year. For 15 days started 45 minutes walk and taking low fat diet. Please tell how useful it is and what exercise i should do to lose weight. What should be the ideal weight for 5’5 height.
congratulations on getting started. Give it some time….expect results within about a month failing which you will need to get expert advice on why the weight isnt moving. Your ideal weight would be around 6o to 65 kgs

hi, iam just 33 years age, my height 6.1 and my weight 95kg , just tell me i want reduce my weight to 80-88kg. And also what is my ideal weight for this height.
75 to 80 kgs is ideal….start with walking & try progressing to more challenging forms of exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week + eat a low fat/ low sugar diet

My fiance is having fat near stomach alone which makes her look like obese. she is practising diet but couldnt get rid of it. can you suggest some diets or excercises to get rid of it?
she needs to burn that fat via exercise and tone the muscle

I am 40 yrs. working lady. My hgt 5’3′ wgt 76 Kgs. within 3 months puton abt 6kgs. there is no thyroid,sugar problems. am veg. I will take food thrice a daye that. I will do my household works myself only. Plz suggest me how to reduce my weight?

cut your food to 5 to 6 small meals in a day….check if your intake of sugar & fat is high

Hi im 32 years old my height is 5ft 6inch weight 75 kgs (Infact I’ ve put on weight after following this diet as mentioned), i have no thyroid problem… i have been eating very healthy diet for past one year I’m on protein diet breakfast – 2 boiled eggs
cant locate your diet……have u been exercising along with the diet…if not start with a walk….20 mins progress to an hour daily

i am 44 yrs old, no medical complaints. my height is 5.5, weight is 81 kgs. as per my height, my wt should be 66 kgs. daily i am doing exercises twice. still i am unable to reduce my wt. pls give me some tips to lose weight.
check with your doc if there is a medical reason to your problem…if none change your exercise routine to include more aerobic exercise

I am 5’5 and weigh 75 kgs. I gained weight post my pregnancy about 5 years back. I am going to the gym since past few months but I am not able to observe any weight loss. Can you help me by giving some tips that will trigger weight loss.
check with your doc if there is a medical reason to your problem…if none change your exercise routine to include more aerobic exercise

I just about to start my exercises, can you please help me out what kind of food i can take. Trying to go Gym. Orelse tell me what exercises i can try from home.
squats, lunges, push ups , ab curls and other exercises using dumbells can be easily performed at home…but you need to be sure your form and technique are correct……make sure you have a high protein snack past workout to help build healthy lean muscle

hi 28 old, 5.11, wt 110 kgs. workin with bpo ,non vegetrain, i want to loose 40 kgs. please give me dieting tips to loose weight .i am waiting for ur reply

cut down on red meat if that is your staple food…hit the gym atleast 5 days a week with focus on cardio vascular exercise

i am 32 weight 84 height 5.11 please tell me how can reduce the weight
regular exercise – walk/swim/ cycle…atleast 4 to 6 hrs per week & a diet low in fats/ sugars & junk…good luck!

i want to reduce my weight by 10 kg how to do that, i run daily 10 KM no improvemant , suggest me the balanced diet,
Firstly figure out if there is a medical cause to your inability to lose weight… following which try cutting down on foods which may be hindering your weight loss such as rice, bread, biscuits and other junk foods..

mam 1 m 30 my height is 5.8 and weight is 89 as per my height my weight should be 68 kg .how to reduce that and how reduce my tummy.
Tummy will go with the weight bcoz thats excess fat… exercise for 4-6hrs per week and eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables…

I am 31 yrs old my weight is 97 kg. want to reduce the wt. doing job working schedule is about 11 hr
First try to figure if there is a medical cause to the weight.. and make sure you get more physically active… 4-7hrs of physical activity per week please!

My height is 167cm and my weight is 76kg. I tried all sort of diets but is unable to lose weight. My arms are very fat which makes me look even more chubby. Your kind advise on reducing my weight to 68kg would be highly appreciated.
eat a healthy balanced diet & get moving. The fat around your arms will have to be worked on…..aerobic exercise to burn fat & weight training to tone the arms.

hi mam… my age is 30 and my weight is 110 , i hv pcos. i am maintaining my diet . still my weight is not reducing. i am taking medicene fr pcos. can u pls suggest me some diet plan. i am married and i hv a kid too.
the challenge is pcos… u exercise?? make sure you get about 4 to 7 hrs per week

I am 27 male, working in a/c most of d time sit and do job, tummy and thighs are increasing to much….???? height 5.4″ wt 70kgs. I want to reduce my weight and look much fit tan i do . Plz suggest me exercise and diet chat. Thank u.
you have answered your own Q….get moving… hour a day of any form of exercise that you enjoy. 4 o 6 meals in a day …..cut down on fats & sugars

Hi Mam, I am 30 yrs old and 6 ft , I am around 94 kgs in weight , what should be the diet plan that i should follow to reduce my weight , i am a finance guy so long sitting jobs are being performed by me , i do gym cycleing 2 kms per day .Thanks
increase your total cycling time & speed. 4 to 6 small meals in a day & avoid too much of white..rice/ bread/ pasta etc

i am 30 yrs old my height is 5.5, weight is 84 kgs. as per my height, my wt should be 70 kgs. pls give me some tips to lose weight.
exercise 5 to 7 hrs per week with emphasis on cardiovascular exercise + a diet low in fat & sugars.

I am 57,hypertensive,diabetic on insulin-mixtard-30/70 24 units in a day,height 5′ 8′,weight 76 kgs,heart patient with 4 blocks,south indian,please suggest me a proper diet plan,goinf for half an hour brisk walk daily,retired male
you need more than an online diet via chat….suggest you consult a professional who can plan your diet after a thorough study of your medical history

Am 23 Yrs, my ht 5.8cm, wt 45 kg,i feel my thighs is big, please advise!. Me walking for half an hour advise diet plan which dont affect my health(daily food habits, vegtables and fruits).like to maintain my body fit
Try exercises like squats and lunges which will help your thigh muscles…Include nuts and pulses in addition to the fruits and vegetable that you consume daily…

I am 21 and wanted to maintain a good structure..i am about 55 kgs.. and my height is 5.54 feet..please help out to reduce my weight …
You don’t seem overweight! Incase you feel you look bulky try some weight bearing exercises to help you tone your muscles…

i m 22 yrs old. my height is 5’ weight 70 kg. tell me how i can loose my weight.
I would suggest you to pls include an element of exercise like walking, swimming or cycling in your routine coupled with weight training and consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, salads, pulses and complex carbs…

I am 34 yrs i want to reduce my weight, i have high cholesterol, uric acid is little high, suggest me some diet to loose the weight & excersies.
Include a lot of fibre in your diet…flax seeds, oats, fruits and salads… reduce intake of pulses… and consistently pls check your uric acid levels..light exercises like walking and swimming will put less strains on your joints…

i am 24 yrs old, no medical complaints. my height is 5.2, weight is 60 kgs. as per my height, l i am unable to reduce my wt. pls give me some tips to lose weight.
Doesn’t look like you have a big problem on hand..I suggest you try modifying your existing exercise routine… change may break the platter!

Im 40yrs, ht 5’7, wt 83kg, feel exhusted, dark circles at my eyes, BP 130/80 or 143/93, not yet done tests of Cholestrol and Sugar. also feel pain on both knees n below knees. pls suggest for tests, if any, diet chart

Dont drink, no non veg, ht 5 ft7in, wt 90 kg, age 37 yrs kindly suggest me some good exercise and diet chart for me thanks a lot for giving me your precious time for my health.
Include an element of exercise like walking, swimming or cycling in your routine coupled with weight training and consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, salads, pulses and complex carbs…

I am 31 yrs old, no medical complaints. my height is 6.1, weight is 125 kgs. as per my height weight is on a very higher side would you please help me out to reduse my weight in easy way.
There is no easy way … get moving..make sure you get at least an hour of exercise daily and have your diet planned and chalked out under the guidance of a professional

I have 2 kids & 29 year old , am obese, would love to reduce 18 kilos . I am doing suryanamaskar daily. Can you guide how many counts i need to do daily to reduce 18 Kilos and how long will it take to reduce the same. I eat very normally
Advisable not to do more than 20 suryanamaskars per day..try adding other forms of cardiovascular exercise such as walking, swimming, cycling or even dancing!

I would like to reduce 15 kilos before end of January 2012. I slow jog for 15 mins * 3 times for 5 days a week, I am a veggie, eat moderately. I am 35 years old. Do i have to add any extra exercise to reach my goal .
Yes you need to push your exercise to 4-6 hours per week… Need not only may brisk walk and then jog!

how to tighten tummy flab
Besides regular ab exercises include exercises like the plank to help you strengthen your core muscles…

Venu i am 38 and weight of 90, well built, bmi 24. i am regular to gym , my body has come in shape but the last few weight of my stomach and side are not goin. kindly advice
You still have some fat to lose specifically around the abdomen… alter your exercise regime and try cutting down on carbs post 6pm.

i cannot control my food habits, yet want to lose weight. is it possible?
A bit challenging.. but look at the plus..if you curtail your habits and manage to lose weight you could go back to ONCE IN A WHILE to eating all the sinful foods and yet control your weight

pl suggest tips for working women to lose weight
Use weekends to get your dose of exercise.. remain active throughout the week and develop healthy eating habits…

how to control BS, fasting 107?
Regular exercise of abt 30 mins a day will help you keep your sugar down and so will eating small frequent meals…

pl suggest breakfast diet for diabetics
Include corn flakes with milk, oats porridge, dalia, eggs and whole wheat toast, poha, upma…

how can a person with slip disc tighten core muscles?
By lightly holding the navel for a couple of seconds and then relaxing the muscles…if pain free repeat 10-15 times in a day…

do you think stress plays a role in weight gain? if so how can we prevent this, some practical tips please
Yes stress causes release of a hormone cortisol which causes weight gain/ hinders weight loss… Yoga and meditation could help but what works wonders is the change in attitude!

pl suggest exercises for toned abs
Besides regular ab crunches try to include exercises for the core muscles such as plank. Also try practicing to hold your navel in consciously which will help you tone the core muscles

hi, my weight keeps goin up and down by 2 kgs every week. wats the reason?
You may be retaining fluid… Drink at least 10-12 glasses of water per day and cut down on salt in your diet…

I’m 5’8″ tall and weight is 75kg, my doctor asked me not to workout due to some medical problems, so can you suggest me an alternative way
May be a bit difficult for me to suggest alternative modes of exercise unless I am fully aware of your medical history…! : )

hi i want to loose weight……around 10kgs in 6 months……..
That should not be a challenge provided there is no medical history to your weight…

how to maintain weight after reducing
By exercising minimum 3 hrs per week and having fixed cheat days for your diet ( Not more than once a week)

I am 26 yrs old and I weight 62 kilos , I get tired very soon by doing exercize , its not about the weight I look more bloon by cheers grow and I more look like chubby , please suggest me the diet and or help me how to lose weight
Firstly check if you are anemic…choose an exercise form that you enjoy and stick to it for at least 3 months.. avoid starvation based 4-6 meals in a day…

I have a PCOD and Tyroid problem , how much ever I do exersise I dont loss , what should I do ? please help
Both your conditions poses a challenge. Focus on cardiovascular exercise and a diet rich in protein…

hi i wld like to lose 15 kgs by march 2012. i m 80 kgs as of dt and my age is 49. how do i go a bt it. i m a veg.
Exercise 4-7hours per week..walking, cycling or swimming…include muscle building exercises which will help you protect your bones and consume a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts and pulses…

i m 80 kg. want to lose around 15 kgs. pls suggest a diet. i m a working woman
I would suggest you to use weekends to get your dose of exercise.. remain active throughout the week and develop healthy eating habits…

I am 27 years old and weighed at 103. i have started doing swimming daily for 1 hour and walking from last 2 months. Results are very slow. Could you please guide for effective weight loss program so that i can reduce weight quickly!
Pls figure out if there is a medical cause to your weight issue..if not alter your eating pattern so as to exclude sugars, fried and junk…

i am 38 weight 75 how to loose weight i am in pre diabetic stage
Eat 4-6 small meals a day… and exercise 45-1hour a day with emphasis on cardiovascular work outs…

how to lose post pregnancy weight
Make sure you start within the first 2 months post natal.. begin with light exercises for 30 mins p/day…choose an exercise form that relaxes you..focus on muscle toning exercises and back strengthening…