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Healing backache through yoga

Monday, February 18th, 2013

Do you find your hand often reaching out for your upper back? Unconsciously wanting to soothe it and ease a slight, pulsating pain? You could be in the middle of a kitchen chore or bending over a colleague’s desk at work and are suddenly aware of a slight ache spreading over your lower back?

You might not have a chronic backache. Yet these once-in-a-blue-moon signs could be enough wake-up calls for us to sit up straight and invest 5 minutes every day to strengthen our back muscles by practicing simple yoga postures. Don’t wait until you get a backache. Start now and invest a few minutes daily – the returns are high – a healthy back is yours for keeps.

7 yoga postures to wave goodbye to backache

Our back has three movements: stretching upwards, twisting, and moving forward and backward. Regular practice of the yoga poses listed below ensures that muscles which support these movements are strengthened.
You can practice some of these yoga postures anytime, anywhere! Even if you miss them on the yoga mat in the morning, you can still take out 5 minutes during the day at work or when your back hints that it needs them.


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