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Diet drinks ‘not behind junk food cravings’

Friday, February 22nd, 2013

Sugar-free fizzy drinks are no more likely to make you eat junk food than water, researchers have claimed.

Previously, a number of studies had claimed that artificial sweeteners in diet drinks wreaked havoc with hormones and made people feel hungry and crave sweet and fatty foods.

It was believed that artificial sweeteners, due to their intense sweetness, disrupted hunger hormones and encouraged people to eat sweet food.

The study from the University of North Carolina followed 318 overweight and obese adults, who drank at least 280 calories worth of drinks each day, the Daily Mail reported.

One third of the participants substituted two daily servings of sugary drinks with water and another third substituted it with diet drinks, including Diet Coke.

After six months, they reported their food and drink intake over that period.


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