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Dr.Sheriar on the best method of contraception and more

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Dr. Nozer Sheriar is a consulting obstetrician, gynecologist and gynecological endoscopist at the Breach Candy, Hinduja Healthcare Surgical, Holy Family, Masina and Parsee general hospitals in Mumbai.

He is the secretary general of the Federation of Obstetric and Gynecological Societies of India (the national professional organisation of gynecologists with 222 societies and over 27000 members) and the ex president the Mumbai Obstetric and Gynecological Society.

He has a special interest in high risk obstetrics, hysteroscopic surgery, contraception and induced abortion.

Dr. Nozer Sheriar answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.


Impotency could be a psychological problem: Dr. Rajan T.D.

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Dr. Rajan, a practioner of over two decades, is an expert in treating diseases affecting the face – particularly pimples, moles, warts etc. He also performs cosmetic peels, microdermabrasion etc.

An alumnus of University of Bombay, he has obtained his qualifications from the reputed Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College.

He conducts counseling sessions on matters relating to sex, marital issues and sexually transmitted diseases (STD)

Dr. Rajan answered Sify readers’ queries related to skin and sexually transmitted diseases in an exlusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Dear Sir, I have small pimples on my penis front portion. I had sex with a girl having diff partners & I used condom Can it be cured
It is difficult to diagnose your condition from this description. Please consult an expert at your earliest.


There is no permanent cure for diabetes: Dr. Shehla Sajid Shaikh

Monday, November 26th, 2012

Dr. Shehla Sajid Shaikh is a trained Endocrinologist practising at Prince Aly Khan Hospital & Saifee Hospital.

A member of the Endocrine Society of India, Research Society for the study of Diabetes in India and American Diabetes Association, Dr. Shehla has authored several books on adolescent obesity and thyroid disorders.

She specialises in childhood obesity and its prevention, thyroid disorders, osteoporosis and structured diabetes care.

Dr. Shehla answered Sify readers’ queries related to weight loss, thyroid disorder and diabetes management in an exclusive chat. Read the chat transcript here.

My wife have fasting sugar 302 and post prandial 376(Just detected)But no other symptoms of diabetes. Can this be cured fully?She is taking Gemer p2 and ecosprin75 now.I want to loose the weight by 10 kgs. I am40,167 cms.,75 kgs. What should I do?
Diabetes can be can not be cured at present…and for you the best option is to follow a proper diet and exercise program..


‘Patience, perseverence are the keys to weight loss’

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

Shalini Bhargava, an internationally recognized performance-enhancement coach and group exercise instructor, is adept at providing training in aerobics, zumba, power yoga, Schiwnn indoor cycling and stott pilates..

She specialises in performance training, nutrition, physical therapy and chiropractic.

Shalini is a faculty member at Aerobic and Fitness Association of America and The American Council on Exercise.

She also runs the Indian Fitness and Aerobic Institute (IFAI) where new methodologies and training techniques are taught to aspiring fitness trainers.

Shalini and her team at JGs Fitness Centre at Mumbai provide health and fitness, motivational and educational programmes and team-building events to companies and conferences.

Shalini took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on fitness and wellness. Read the chat transcript here.

hi m 27yr old maried women n have1 year baby .wanna 2 reduce 20 kg weight…4rm last 3mnths m dng gym, consulting a dietician also.hve done my check up also,everything is lower body part is too heavy,so give me suggestion ?
s : Hi,Regular exercise ,6 days a week,consisting of cardio and weight training along with a proper diet is the key to your weight loss.Be patient and perseverent.


Exercise and a healthy diet can prevent stroke: Dr.Sanjay Mongia

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Dr.Sanjay Mongia, an internationally trained and certified Neurological and Gamma Knife Surgeon, has worked in premier neuro surgical institutes in Canada, USA and Europe.

He is currently practising at Lilavathi Hospitals, Mumbai.

Dr.Mongia specialises in neuro oncology, epilepsy surgery and gamma knife surgery (a non-invasive neuro surgical technique) for the management of brain tumours, vascular disorders and functional disorders like trigeminal neuralgia and Parkinson’s disease.

Dr. Mongia took time off his busy schedule to answer questions from Sify readers in an exclusive chat. Read the chat transcript here.

my mother is suffring from hydrocephlus , pls suggest any medicine , so that she may walk on feet .
There are no medicines for the same…you need to get an MRI Brain for your mother done.


No shortcuts to gain yoga`s benefits: Radhika Vachani

Monday, September 3rd, 2012

Yoga expert, Radhika Vachani,  received her training at the BKS Iyengar Institute of Yoga.

She founded Yogacara, the centre which advocates a customized mix of yoga, pranayam and meditation to deal with stress, weight loss, serious medical illnesses and also general mind/body fitness.

Radhika Vachani took time off her busy schedule to share tips on how to have a balanced and wholesome approach to the mind and body in an exclusive chat with Read the chat transcript here.

Yogasanas and Pranayam are the part of Yoga practice. Tell me the proportion of practice in each session. Is it varies with the beginners and regular practitioners since years. Kindly explain
There is a methodology, asana, pranayama and meditation. It is dependent on each individual. But until you have gained control of the body, you cannot develop your breath.


Hormonal imbalance can cause stubborn weight gain: Dr. Deepak Chaturvedi

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

Antiaging and Bariatric Physician, Dr. Deepak, specialises in hormone-related disorders, aging and obesity management.

His areas of expertise include management of various endocrinologic conditions such as obesity, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, PCOD, menopause, andropause, sexual dysfunction (in men and women), metabolic and immunological conditions and other hormonal imbalances.

The expert took time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on hormonal imbalance, hyperthyroidism and more. Read the chat transcript here.
i am diabetic for last four years i am taking treatment from a doctor who is mbbs md but not diabetic specialist. my sugar level is under control and i feel well .but should i go to some specialist for treatment pls suggest
An M.D (Medicine) is specialist in Diabetes management. No need to go anywhere else. Have faith in your doctor.


Avoid allergens to prevent asthma: Dr. Asha Ajgaonkar

Friday, August 10th, 2012

Consulting Pediatrician and Neonatologist, Dr. Asha Ajgaonkar graduated from Seth G.S. Medical College & KEM Hospital, Mumbai.

She completed her post graduation from Wadia Children’s Hospital, Mumbai and has been practising as a pediatrician and neonatologist for the last 33 years.

Dr. Asha practises at her private clinic Jaya Child Care Clinic and specialises in the treatment of asthma in children.

The expert took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on child health. Read the chat transcript here.

Dr. My son is 1yr 4 mnths old. I hv two problems. One, his weight is 7.5kgs. But active. Second, making him to eat is herculean task. Pl clarify, whether his weight is OK & how to increase his weight & is it normal at this age child resist to eat
If he was a normal full time baby weighing around 2.5-3kgs at birth, his weight should have been around 9 and a half kg by one year.. Stop using the bottle feeding. Reduce the intake of milk so that he starts eating. He should take only 2-3 milk feeds in a day.


Tighter sugar control prevents diabetes complications: Dr. Gadge

Monday, August 6th, 2012

Dr. Pradeep Gadge is an expert at handling diabetes and its complications.

He has practiced as Clinical Assistant at Lilavati Hospital, S. L. Raheja Hospital and the All India Institute Of Diabetes.

He is a teaching faculty for postgraduate Diabetology students at the College of Physicians & Surgeons.

Dr. Gadge’s special interest lies in diabetes in pregnancy.

The expert took time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers questions on diabetes. Read the chat transcript here.

hello sir.i am a type-1 diabetic patient from past 18 years.i am using insulin pump to control my sugar.i am a gym i just wanted to ask u that can i use supplements like whey protein,creatine,glutamine etc.
Depends on your Kidney function tests & other complications you have, if any.


Tension headache? Parkinson’s? Dr. Rahul Chakor has the answers

Monday, July 16th, 2012

Dr. Rahul Chakor is Associate Professor of Neurology at B.Y.L. Nair Hospital, Mumbai.

A Research Fellow in Clinical Neurophysiology/EEG and Epilepsy, Cleveland Clinic Foundation, US, Dr. Rahul teaches at the T. N. Medical College and B. Y. L. Hospital Mumbai, India.

His areas of interest include epilepsy, Parkinson’s disease, migraine, stroke, tension headache, Alzheimer’s, dementia, vertigo, neurocysticercosis, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, myasthenia gravis, carpal tunnel syndrome, Wilson disease, meningitis and febrile seizures.

Dr. Rahul took time off his busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ questions on neurological issues. Read the chat transcript here.

hi doctor, is there any way to be sure your kid doesnt get epiliesy once he has hurt his head while playing? even in future
Epilepsy may not always happen after every head injury. Medicines are only prescribed if there are seizures after an head injury (Post traumatic epilepsy).


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