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How to eat rice and lose weight

Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Rice is not a popular item on most dieting charts. Does its contemporary, the roti, score more on the dieting scale? I have heard a lot of people say that they have stopped rice and switched over to eating rotis in an attempt to reduce weight. I have myself suggested stopping eating rice to effect weight loss. Most people doing so claim that they have particularly reduced the tummy with a no rice diet.

For people from South India, not eating rice is a huge sacrifice since rice is their staple. So, let us see how one can eat rice and still lose weight.

The rice vs roti battle
· Rice is eaten not with just one side dish but an entourage of dishes and this is exactly why you can end up overeating. In the south, ghee is added to the first few morsels of rice. The next few mouthfuls need sambar, and rasam and the various poriyals or dry sabjis, and finally curds. Then, again how can one eat without pappad or pickle? Thus, calories add up to make the meal complete. On the contrary rotis can be eaten with one dal and a dry sabji or a dry sabji and raita. Simple but filling.


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