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Watch out for the hidden sources of salt

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013

Salt or sodium chloride is what we cannot do without in cooking. Sodium is an essential element the body needs for its fluid balance. Yet in excess, it can also upset that balance. And if you have been advised to cut down on salt or sodium for health reasons like high blood pressure, kidney or heart conditions, then it becomes a culinary challenge to whoever is cooking your food at home to reduce salt and still make the food palatable.

Under normal conditions our body requires only half a gram of sodium. But people lavish salt in foods to the point that they end up eating twenty or more times than required. Though salt requirements depend on outside weather conditions, and how much we lose through sweating, a healthy quantity is 6 grams or one teaspoon of salt. Salt or sodium chloride is only 40 % sodium. So 6 grams of salt furnishes 2400mg sodium.


Where`s the salt? Hidden in your Thanksgiving menu

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

No need for a salt shaker on the Thanksgiving table: Unless you really cooked from scratch, there`s lots of sodium already hidden in the menu.

Stealth sodium can do a number on your blood pressure. Americans eat way too much salt, and most of it comes inside common processed foods and restaurant meals.

DASH diet to control blood pressure

The traditional Thanksgiving fixings show how easy sodium can sneak into the foods you`d least expect. Yes, raw turkey is naturally low in sodium. But sometimes a turkey or turkey breast is injected with salt water to plump it, adding a hefty dose of sodium before it even reaches the store — something you`d have to read the fine print to discover.


Health tip of the day

Tuesday, July 12th, 2011

Seaweed granules can be used to replace salt in baked goods as their sodium level is just 3.5 per cent compared with the 40 per cent in salt.

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