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Top 10 fitness mistakes

Thursday, November 15th, 2012

Training mistakes to avoid in your exercise

We all sometimes make mistakes in our fitness training but there are some that you should always try and avoid. Read this list of top ten fitness mistakes to make sure you’re training both properly and safely:

Fitness mistake 1: Not regularly changing your fitness regime

Getting stuck in a training rut is probably the most common training error of all. Yes, 20 minutes on the treadmill and three sets of 10 reps with 5kg weights might be fine when you start out – but if you fail to increase either the length or intensity of the run, and the weight or number of repetitions that you do, the improvements will plateau out. In fact, one study found that in beginners, aerobic fitness began to plateau in as little as three weeks when the training load was not increased. So, to continue making progress in fitness, you have to keep raising the bar every it gets close enough to touch – every six weeks at least, but ideally more often.


What makes warming up and cooling down important

Monday, February 14th, 2011

A good workout is the main element to being fit and healthy. But the pre- and post-workout routines, better known as warm-up and cool-down exercises, are even more important as they help the transition from the normal body condition to exercise condition. Unlike personal training where expert trainers are available for guidance, people who self-train are often unaware of the importance of these routines and face an increased risk of injury by skipping them.

Warming up literally involves raising the body temperature by about one to two degrees in preparation for intense exercise. It consists of light exercises performed at the start of a workout which help increase muscle temperature and loosen up stiff muscles, making them supple and flexible and allowing better movement of the joints. This helps increase performance and reduces the risk of muscle tears and fatigue. Thus a proper warm-up is crucial before any kind of workout to prevent injury and damage and increase the benefits of the workout.


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