‘Nothing like household work to keep the weight off’

Yasmin Karachiwala, the trainer behind Kat’s svelte figure and Zareen Khan’s successful weight loss saga runs Body Image, a fitness studio where she trains clients in aerobics and pilates.

A trainer for two decades, Yasmin is associated with celebrities like Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor, Arjun Rampal, Mehr Jesia, Kunal Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha and Shazahn Padamsee. Yasmin has also appeared as a fitness trainer and jury member on Get Gorgeous 5 on Channel V, and featured on Main Hoon on Zoom TV as trainer to Kareena Kapoor, Anita Raj and Ishitta Arun.

The expert answered weight loss and fitness queries from readers in an exclusive chat with Sify.com. Read the chat transcript here.

i have been working out , walking for the past 2.5 yrs though i have lost almost 9 kgs but now my weight does not go beyond 58 kgs what should i do
Change your exercise.. your body has become used to the walking.. you need a change for results..

please suggest a weight loss diet chart which can be followed for losing weight
Firstly you need to eat small meals every 2 hrs.. each meal could be either a Breakfast-bowl of cereal with skimmed milk Lunch- A bowl of mixed sprouts or 2 chappattis with veg and dal Evening- 2 fruits Night-could be chicken and vegetable..

My thighs are much fatter than rest of my body. Please suggest any exercise or yoga that would solve this problem. Note: I don’t eat less than moderate junk or fat foods.
I am not a yoga expert.. Pls avoid junk food completely and the thighs will look better..

how to keep the body in fit conditions
By exercising…

I am 36yrs and 160cm and 82 kgs what diet plan that i need to flow to slow down to lose weight
Eat small meals frequently every 2 hrs..cut out fried and sweets and alchohol if any…

what is the easiest way to loose body fat and double cheeks???
There is no easy way.. the only way is hard work through exercising and watching what you eat.

hello mam, i am 29 years old and ma hight is 5.2 and ima weight is 65kg speially my tummy and ma wiest size….kindly tel me how can i reduce ma wait as soon as possible?
By exercise and eating the right kind of food.. u need to do atleast 45 mins of cardio everyday and cut down the carbs after 7pm

I wish to reduce the xtra tyre around my stomach. Which excercises should i do to reduce it .
Plank, crunches on the floor, bench and on the wall..mountain climbers…and some pilates exercise are good for abs..

Hi, I am 27 years of old. My height is 5′ 8 and my weight is 77kgs. I want to reduce my weight to reach 65kgs in three months. I am doing Gym 3 to 4 times in a week and also doing few yoga asanas. tell me tips to reduce my weight with in 3 months.
You need to do the cardio as well..you need to get to a proper food plan.. and may be you need to add a variety of exercises

how can i loose my stomach fat
Control your diet and work out regularly..

What are the exercises to reduce obliques…for men…
Side bends, Side lifts and you could do sides over the wall…

Hi m on 29 Yrs Old , m 63 Kgs,with 5.11 height I do not work on strict diet, Work on cardio eqiupment every morning for 45 minutes, Light lunch & Dinner with glass of milk and Khakra.. is the schedule OK or do i need to change
If you are happy with the way you feel and look then your schedule is the best…

I do workout at home with mostly body weight workouts and few weights, last month after doing workout for a month i increased weight in dumbbell, after that iam having pain in elbow. i showed this to a doctor,he says its tennis elbow.can you help me.
May be the exercises that you do are not the right ones or executed the right way.. unless you have the right knowledge.. I would suggest you to go for a trainer.. for right type of exercises for your body type..

i just want to reduce my weight especially in thighs and buttocks, i am doing yoga and walking
Control what you eat.. and evaluate whether the walking and yoga that you do is enough for weight loss…

i’m putting on so much weight i’m 46 years weight is 63 . so please suggest me how to reduse my weight
How have you put on weight.. there must be definitely something that you are doing wrong.. if there is nothing wrong.. then pls consult your docter.. if u r a female it could also be a menopause..

am 43 yrs old male doing my daily jogging every morning abt 5 km, but still my tummy is large in size, please tell me the solution to trim my tummy
Watch what you eat.. you need a good food plan and follow it…

do i have to work out for specific time periods to get full effects of home gym?
Your workout can be betwn 45mins to an hour depending on what your goals are…

can children go to gym, what age is dafe for them?
I personally prefer children doing more of outdoor activities like swimming, basketball, cricket, sqash,tennis, there are so many
opprtunities for children to enjoy by outdoor activities so why do you want to confine them to a gym..having said that teenagers can start with body weight exercises like push ups pull ups and dips etc. …again its very imp for them to have the right guidance to avoid injuries…

hi. pl tell me how to reduce flaby calf muscles
By adding jogging to your routine and also doing calf raises..go for high reps and less weight or free hand with high reps and three to four sets…

dear mam, how to get a great figre like katrina
You need to be very serious with your work out pattern, very dedicated and have the right kind of exercise programme which is compatible for your height and weight… Pls try to work out under a qualified trainer and have the right diet plan…

I want to loose wt on my stomach , pls advice some effective exercises . Regards
I have already answered this…pls control your diet also…

Hi I am 24 and my Hight is 5.5 and Weight is 74. I dont have any disease or surgery before .I am working now in Software Company. Help me to loss my weight up to 15 K.
Yes you need to loose weight and you could do this by choosing the right work out plan and diet plan too…

hi, my ht is 5 ft 11. wt is 82 kgs, how to reduce?
If you are happy with the way you look.. then fine…otherwise its ideal if you go by the height and weight chart…

how to make a good body like arjun rampal and akshay kumar …suggest me diet and exercise
Lots of hard work and discipline and intense training…

bcoz of yoda i had bcome fat that is only my hip part and hand muscles r increase rest of body is thin plz sugest what to do to bring body in shape?
Pilates Training..!!

i m 31 yrs. having sugar in fast as 214 why
Pls consult your Doctor..

I am 30.my health is good,but my stomach is too big .can u suggestion me how it is reduce?
Exercise and food control… have a healthy lifestyle…

hey.im in mumbai. where is your gym located
Hill road, Bandra.. check our website www.bodyimage.in

I am 32 years old my weight is 85kg. I want to decrees weight almost 10kg please suggest Exercise & Diet for this. I am totally vegitarian person and my break fast, lunch and dinner is also on time.
Walking , swimming, cycling, gyming. You need to eat small meals every two hours to increase your metabolism which will help you loose weight…

i have a problem of too much fat on my thighs.pl help
Add good leg exercises to your routine.. I love squats, leg presses, lunges, step ups, bridges…

is it a must to do cardio for weight loss? or will simple floor exercises help?
A combination of both will help!!

dear yasmin, you have a great figure. how many hours do you train?
Thank you.. : ) I workout abt a hour an a half everyday..

hi mam how to prevent muscle cramps at night, any exercises?
Check whether your water intake is adequate..muscle cramps are caused mainly due to dehydration and lack of salt…

madam, with diet my belly fat is reduced but lower abs not tight yet. what exercise will help. i have disc problem also
Plilates exercises would be the most beneficial…

how many kilometres should i walk in 1 hr to lose 5 kgs
I don’t have your details in order to answer your question precisely… you need to walk at a speed where you are not out breath and at the same time its not too easy…

pl suggest exercises for sleep deprivation due to burn out
Meditation, breathing exercises .. if its burn out from exercise then you need to slow down and spend more time on cooling down…

age 25 yrs. hight 5.9″ wt. 85kg, tried so much, with yoga as well excersice but no result pls suggest what to do
May be there is something wrong with your food and with exercise and yoga you are not controlling your food habits…

what is the best way to reduce / trim upper ab fat for a 30 year old woman?
Ab crunches, plank, mountain climbers…

I am 36 years old, health wise i am ok, but my stomach & bumps are big, can you suggest me how to reduce this portions of body
Cardiovascular exercise like walking, running, swimming and cycling are suggested for you

how to prevent diabetes with exercise?
There are many factors that need to be considered …I would need more details with the kind of Diabetes you have to answer your question…

yasminji, my wife has big tummy after delivery. child now 2 years old. how to lose weight?
Consult a good trainer and tell her to start an exercise programme..

i just had a baby. when is it safe to start weight training?
If you had a normal delivery you can start in 40 days and if it was a caesarian I am sure your Dr. would want you to wait for 3 months..its very imp to find a good trainer especially after pregnancy as your body goes through many changes during pregnancy and post pregnancy

is the elliptical more effective than treadmill for good cardio?
I like to alternate betwn the two.. so that your body does not get used to any and you are constantly getting variety…

hi, is thr any way we can burn calories only thru diet?
You can control calorie intake through diet and burn calories through exercise!!

suggest weight loss home remedies
There is nothing like doing household work and keeping your meals simple when one is looking for home remedies for weight loss!

Yasmin’s signing off note
The answers I have given are all subjective because to give more detailed answers I have to meet the clients and know about their lifestyle before suggesting them a good exercise programme and a good food plan!! : ) I would like to tell my readers that they should consult a good trainer or nutritionist personally before starting any exercise or food plan…